Mid tower Case with top mount PSU

Hi All

Will be starting a new build for a client soon... decent gaming and HD playback are main functions...

Now today i got to know from this thread that positive pressure is better for air circulation... so i need to put that to test in my new rig...

I had already earmarked a case but now that has to replaced by a mid tower with the following criteria;

1. Two fan vents at the top (at least 120mm)
2. PSU mount at the TOP using one of the fan vents for intake
3. Two fan vents at the bottom (at least 120mm)
4. At least one fan for intake at the front (larger preferred)
5. One standard rear exhaust

I have started searching for cases matching the above... Please do give your inputs also...
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  1. HAF-X. :lol:
  2. C'mon... MID TOWER...
  3. What....NO to the HAF-X. :ouch: I think your gonna struggle to find that spec with a top mount psu.

    But I'll keep my eyes pealed. :o
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