Problems with PS/2 Keyboard or drivers

I use Win 7 and have problems reported by the Generate Health Report applet of Control Panel.

My motherboard is AsRock 870 Extreme 3. I have tried to find the keyboard BIOS setup to disable it but can't find it. What can I do next?
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  1. So your not using a PS/2 keyboard your just getting messages form Windows Action Center? If you go to my computer /control panel/device manager do you see conflicts with that port? If your using a USB keyboard why not just change the action center settings so you don't receive anymore reports about it, Unless it's causing conflicts somewhere else. If it's just an annoyance the just change those setting. I'd make sure you have the latest bios first.
  2. Thanks for the good advice I got from friends and well-wishers, but I think my problem has not been adequately addressed owing, may be to the inadequate information I gave them.

    I don't seem to find a hardware tweaking BIOS entry for disabling my not available PS/2 keyboard. The following is the Generate Health Report applet results:

    Device is disabled.
    Cause: A device is disabled preventing it from working properly.
    Details: The device, Standard PS/2 Keyboard, is disabled. If this device is no longer used it may be intentionally disabled. The Plug and Play ID for this device is ACPI\PNP0303\4-8AB8035-0.
    Resolution: 1. Determine if you need the device.
    2. If you need the device, enable it in Device Manager.
    3. If you do not use the device it can be left disabled.
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    Manage Devices in Windows

    I used the "show hidden devices" option of the Device Manager to disable the keyboard but could not do the same for its BIOS entry/controller options.

    I have also tried the Action Center entries/buttons where I disabled and enabled a few issues but could not find a specific entry designed to tackle the said problem.

    Having selected to have the Change Action Center Settings to turn off reports on spyware and virus and related protection, I still get messages like the following:


    Symptom: The Security Center has not recorded an anti-virus product.
    Cause: The Security Center is unable to identify an active anti-virus application. Either there is no anti-virus product installed or it is not recognized.
    Resolution: 1. Verify that an anti-virus product is installed.
    2. If an anti-virus product is installed and functioning configure Security Center to stop monitoring anti-virus status.
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    I did configure the Security Center to stop monitoring the anti-virus status but I still get the information above.
    My antivirus program is up and running all the time and keeps updating its signatures every two hours and runs a bubble reporting system which pops up everytime it is updated.

    I am not sure as to whether I should concern myself with this issue or not.

    I don't know if an overdue firmware update is the result of all this, yet on the manufacturer's website the same Firmware version seems to be the same version I am running currently?
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