Upgrade option - currently have a pair of GeForce 9600GT 512MB cards

I currently have a pair of GeForce 9600GT cards configured in SLI. I've upgraded to one of those new 3D monitors and will be purchasing the 3D Vision glasses soon and figured that with the bump from 1680x1050 to 1920x1080 resolution plus the 3d that I might need some more horsepower in the graphics department.

All the games I currently play work fine in full HD resolution at an acceptable framerate currently but I've heard this is likely to drop by around 20-30% if I turn on 3d.

What's my best option for an upgraded Nvidia card? Either a single card and keep one of the 9600's as a dedicated PhysX card or a pair in an SLI configuration? Don't want to spend a fortune so the best bang for my buck is what I'm after...
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  1. Sell both of your cards and get a single powerful card like GTX460.
    Make sure your PSU can handle that card... :)
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