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Realtek 5.1 Little sounds in Rear Speakers

Hello Everyone,

Im using Windows 7 32bit. The problem is in my 5.1 speakers there is very little audio coming from rear speakers. Best sound is only from left, right, center and sub woofer. I have shown the settings and version of my sound device in the below screenshots. Anyone please help...................

System Info:
OS : Windows 7 Ultimate (build 7600)
Processor: 2.67 gigahertz Intel Core2 Quad Q8400

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    What sound setup do you have? Are your front speakers much bigger than the rear speakers? what are the settings on your amp?

    Need more info in order to sort this out.
  2. I have shown the screen shot of the setup that I have. I am not sure about this is the thing you need. All speakers are same size that connected to my PC .

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