Trying to find a cheap LGA 775 mobo to OC a Q6600

Hi all,

I have a spare Q6600 and I'm trying to find a cheap mobo that can handle a decent air OC for this badboy. All the ones that are highly recommended are discontinued or are ~$200. This processor is too old for me to spend that much.

Newegg only has micro atx boards and none of them don't have good overclocking-friendly options or are severely limited in some way.

Any ideas/advice?

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  1. Used forums. The one I watch currently has a P5K-E Wifi Deluxe for $40. I loved mine until a MOSFET heatsink fell off and the board fried itself.
  2. Talk to this member, he goes by search818, he has an Asus Striker Extreme he has listed in the classified. I was going to get it for for a LGA 775 build but it didn't support the q9300 I was going to use. It's a nforce 680i I think it will support you chip.
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