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Best Memory for Intel DP45SG

Ok, so I've been getting BSODs with the message "IRQL not less or equal" and I'm thinking that it may be a memory problem.
I've had the issue for a while now and can't return the old RAM. I can bear it sometimes, but other times it's just so annoying especially
when I'm in the middle of an MMO game of something with my friends.
So I've decided to get a new set of RAM to try out. So far I've come down to choosing from these three:

Kingston KHX1333C9D3K2/4G
Kingston KVR1333D3N9K2/4G
G.Skill F3-10600CL9D-4GBNQ

I'm not purchasing in the US, I'm buying them over in Taiwan while I'm here with my parents during the summer.
I'm not really leaning towards buying in the US and on newegg only because I live with my guardians there and I don't feel comfortable with
them making the purchase for me. (I just don't really want them thinking that I waste money on too much stuff, since I already asked
to buy a few things this year that are pretty expensive. Plus my PC isn't completely unusable even with these problems.)

That said, I wanted to ask which set of RAM above would work best with my motherboard? I know the Kingston Value RAM is tested with
my motherboard and should work but I don't know about the other two. I might or might not OC in the future, I'm not sure yet since it
depends on what FPSs I'm getting in the next few months. If anyone has experiences with this motherboard and has a good set of RAM
to recommend for a good price, I'm all for it :D

While I'm at it, I also want to ask if I need to upgrade anything to play upcoming games like BF3, MW3 and such.
Current Specs:
Intel Q9400 @ 2.66Ghz (Stock cooler and speed)
Intel DP45SG
Corsair DDR3 1333 2G*2
XFX GTS250 512mb
PC power and cooling silencer 420 ATX (80+ certified)
Case is a CM mid tower (forgot which one)
Current screen resolution is 1440*900

I don't need to run the games at the highest resolution just medium and above with 2x AA I guess.
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    I'd go for the G.skill, about ur specs, you could get some better cpu cooler (even if u're not goin to overclock ur cpu). Even a cheap cooler can outperform the stock intel one.
    Coolermaster v8 is great and it's only 50 dollars but it's quite big, but it might fit into ur CM case.
    About ur gpu, aslong as u're ok running mid settings and 1440 res it's alright.
    Hope that helps

    PS: Bsods are maybe cos that corsair ram is not compatible with ur mobo, could u tell me the mem model?
  2. Thanks for the reply. What about the hyper 212+, do you think that would fit inside a mid tower?
    The RAM I'm using is this
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  4. beyblade5566 said:
    Thanks for the reply. What about the hyper 212+, do you think that would fit inside a mid tower?
    The RAM I'm using is this

    Hey thank you for choosing my answer as the best :D

    Checked the ram and yeah it's totally compatible.

    About the hyper 212 it does fit ur case idd. I only purchase mid towers, cos big ones are for ppl who are going to add radiators and liquid cooling systems with pumps and i can surely tell u that any big cooler will fit in.
    That cooler u mentioned is quite powerful, it doesn't look as cool as the CM V8 but it might fit (they're both big)
    If ur case has a big fan in the case door, u migh have to remove it, but it'll fit for sure.

  5. the memories are double sided? im interested on increases my ram... but i cant because dp45sg extreme editions only allow ddr3 1333 2gb double sided memories.
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