CPU Died, few upgrade questions

Hey guys, been running this GPU since '08 so its def got some mileage, was running x2 SLI for a while til the heat got to be too much. Been on x1 9800 for about 6 months, anyway booted up tonight and had some hardcore artifacting and pixelation going on. So Id def say its shot. My current build is in my sig. Im thinking about upgrading the CPU, GPU and Mobo. Id like to go top end and get a longer lifecycle out of my build.

I love the ROG boards and am used to the BIOS so for the Mobo Im thinking

Rampage III Extreme

Lookin for a high QPI CPU, this is spendy...

i7 980X

And lastly for the GPU Im thinking a 480, maybe

http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814130551 ?
(looks like Zotac has a faster one out but Im not familiar with their quality control and customer service

Also will my 1000W PSU be able to handle the 480 and will it run cool enough and not fry out on air. I have the H50 and the Cosmos S has the huge side fan but I hear these things can heat a hangar.

Any and all feedback is appreciated, thanks in advance.
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  1. Two GTX 460 1GB will beat a single GTX 480 and they run cooler. What are you doing that needs 6 cores?
  2. Gaming and running background apps ventrillo, itunes, fraps, browser etc. I know very few games use 3 cores atm and most apps arent multithreaded and parallel so really its just future proofing and trying to get a good 2-3 years out of it.

    Ive heard great things about the quad bloomfields but why would I spend more for less? Or were you thinking 960? The more I think about it, if Im gonna drop 600 on a CPU I might as well go all in, ya know?

    Think Ill be cool enough, have enough juice wtih the 480?
  3. I think you should consider an i7 950. It's about $700 cheaper than the 980x and will serve your purposes just as well. No use that you've listed needs a hyper-threading six core. Yes, 1000 Watts is enough for a gtx 480. What brand is it?
  4. It's just a question of bang for the buck. If you really have a lot of disposable income then great.

    Generally I say this. For the price of one of those you can buy 3 950s.
    Overclock one aggressively and if you push it too far or it doesn't last more than 2 years you are still way ahead.

    So you spend 300 on one of those and another 400 on a GOOD water-cooling setup. The H50 is a nice toy.
    This one is expandable and works well as-is for just a CPU. Most kits are junk though, Swiftech is the only name-brand kit that is worthwhile.
    (Or learn about it and assemble your own custom WC system)

    Throw in a strong Sandforce controlled SSD such as the 180GB Vertex 2

    I can't comment on your PSU without more info. A single GTX 480 is normally fine but an overclocked edition that still has the stock cooling makes me nervous.

    Two GTX 460 1GB is the same price or close:

    Benchmarks - read this and see how the two cards beat up the GTX 480
  5. I'm not sure about "almost all" but a number of them are lightly multi-threaded. Only a few actually utilize more than 2 cores to any large degree. For instance, WoW was re-worked last year to make better use of quads, but most of the work is still done on the first two cores... and so individual core speeds play a larger part than number of cores.
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