Does dual channel memory double system bus speed???

i have a 2.6ghz p4 with a fsb of 533 mhz which runs at 133mhz with a ddr 1 gb 400mhz on a single channel memory. Now if i plugin a diccto card for using dual channel memory will the system bus running at 133mhz double to 266mhz as data bandwidth has expanded.
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  1. The difference single and dual channel memory makes to the speed of the computer is less than 5% more like 2-3% depending on configuration.
  2. The system buss speed remins the same. All dual channel does is give the ram an additional access path, effectively doubling the speed of the ram access.
  3. thanks a lot for your replies. Appreciated.
    I am also curious to know that can i put a dual core lga775 processors in a motherboard which accepts p4 lga775 processors. I have a intel d915glvg mobo (quite old now). Also even if i can put a dual core in it will the performance be poor as i can put only a ddr1 400 mhz ram.
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