GTX 460 overclocked fan speed.

I just got a Gigabyte GTX460 and decided to overclock it to 800 core, 1600 shader, and 2003 on the memory (seems like a safe setting, I don't want to go much higher). I am using MSI Afterburner to overclock. Should I leave the fan speed on auto, or should I manually set the fans at a specific speed, say 70%. I ran Furmark and the temperatures level off at 74 C with a fan speed of 61% according to GPU-Z.
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  1. u can see both gpu temp and fan speed in afterburner. go in the options in msi afterburner, u can set the fan speed as u want it about specific temp.
  2. i would leave fans on auto
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    If the temps aren't high then just let it AUTO... :)
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