Transfer files from Harddrive to usb drive.

I have a (2) part question. New to copying files. (1). How do i copy all files from my harddrive to my usb drive at one time, (2) How do i give a name to these files, i want to put all the files under one name such as "contracts". Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank You
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  1. You can put them in a folder called contacts but you cant have more that one file called smith.doc

    if using windows and the flash drive is bigger than your hard drive...
    have both the drive and the flash open click and drag.
  2. Open Windows Explorer, click on your USB drive, then Go up to the "File" tab and click, then select "New/Folder". Then name you folder whatever you like.

    Then locate the files you want to copy and either drag and drop them into the newly named folder on the USB drive using Windows Explorer or right click on each file, select "copy", then right click on the new folder and select "Paste"
  3. Try storing everything in the cloud with You have unlimited transfer, links, users, etc. + it backs everything up.
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