Network problems (on 1 pc only)

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hi, sorry for the big wall of text, but its a huge problem thats bugging me, and im no amateur with computers, so i needed others' opinions, and will be glad with any kind of help.

some months ago, i've put together a brand new computer. i had some pieces, bought some more, and then ebay'd the rest when i ran out of money

i had 2x2gb gskill ripjaw 1600 ddr3 memories, and a bd recorder, so i bought an i7 930, a WD green caviar 1tb, and another mem stick, exactly like my other ones, to work on triple channel.

so i went to ebay, and bought (used) the following: a 750w corsair psu (excelent) an evga gtx260 gpu (working pretty well) and an asus p6t mobo.

after building up my rig, i installed win7 ultimate x64, and noticed my internet really slow (like 19kbps download for a 5mbit cable link, i should get at least 500kbps download speed). and i had borrowed an old p4, the internet always worked fine. i even switched back the network cable to the p4, internet working just great. on switching back to the new pc, got the bad speed again. i first thought it was a driver issue, so udpated everything and didnt fixed the problem. so i restarted everything, modem, computer and disabled/enabled network adapter, so i noticed a change on the speed, but not to full yet, while the old p4 was working just fine. i kept restarting everything up, until i got a decent speed, so since i had to return the p4, i kept doing that every time i had a slow speed, restarting until it gets usable.

now that i moved, i got a different ISP, and a 15mbit internet, they also gave me a adsl modem/wireless router, a dlink dsl-2640b, so when installed everything, i noticed right away my speed wasnt what its supposed to be. i was getting a dl speed of 700kbps, when it should be 1,5mbps. another person in my house has a different computer, and the speed is maxed out for him.

this time i tried restarting everything many times, and never worked. so since i always assumed it was my onboard network adapter, i tried 2 wireless adapter, one PCI, and another one USB. the same freaking 700kbps. even disabling and uninstalling my onboard lan adapter, nothing.

so theres only 2 possible causes i can think:
first a bad windows installation, or some bug on windows. i dont think thats the problem, but i havent uninstalled my windows since i bought the computer. (got 800gb to backup, and nowhere to put all that stuff), so im gonna partition my hd, and install windows from another cd, just to eliminate that cause,
and what i think, the used p6t i bought has to be defectuous, like a problem to send the data coming from any network adapters. so my last try is buying a new mobo.

please tell me what you think about this problem, and whatever other causes/alternatives you can think of.

thank you so much in advance.
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  1. Hello, and welcome to the Guide.

    First off, never buy computer hardware form ebay. People see defective parts to get money for a reason. I assume it is the LAN chip on your motherboard. It could also be a compatibility issue between the line and the new hardware.
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