Radeon 4200 hd integrated vs 7600gt pcie

I have an old pcie 7600gt in my old system. Building a new one with a mobo with radeon 4200 hd integrated. I do light gaming, video encoding, watch videos, listen to music.... should I stick with the old 7600 or go with the onboard gpu?
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  1. the 7600GT still give better performance then the 4200HD but it only supports DX9, just an FYI.
  2. If look gaming wise than an gpu i.e your 7600GT will be better than an hd 4200 igp...but if you want to go for other things like watching blue ray movies and other things then an hd 4200 will be ideal...even hd 4200 can be used for a light gaming too...but in front of 7600gt it is still weak...
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