My ip address loss..

my ip address loss...cos i press reset button...then cannot connect internet how can i make back my ip address
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  1. what did you press the reset button on?
    Tell us what you have if you want help.
  2. start \ run\ ipconfig

    When command box comes up type :

    ipconfig /release
    ipconfig /renew

    if your router is working properly, you will get an ip address. If you're connected directly to a cable modem, you might need to power off the modem and power it back on to get your IP to renew properly.
  3. if it's a router, you may have to setup a static IP for your MAC on the router. You could also manually assign you IP settings, but DHCP is much easier to manage.

    If it's your modem, you may be SOL since that's managed by your ISP
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