Motherboard dead?

Afternoon folks,

Have a bit of a problem with a laptop I'm trying to fix, its completely dead. No lights, nothing powering on at all.

The power supply is fine, and I've tested the motherboard with a multimeter; its getting juice alright. I've stripped it twice, right down the motherboard, and double checked everything. I'm thinking the motherboard is screwed but the fact its getting juice is giving me a bit of hope.

Any help will be appreciated, really stuck here.
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  1. As it's a laptop u can't mess around so just contact the manufacturer if it is still under warranty
  2. Its not under warranty, and I've plenty of experience fixing laptops. I've just never came across this before. Technical advice would be appreciated.
  3. Make and model??
  4. Acer Aspire 7700 series
    Model: ICK70
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