Need the best MOBO for a Core i7-930 under $150

Hey guys, I plan to build myself a new computer this week. I am going to pick up a Intel Core i7-930 today at Microcenter for $200. Can I get some recommendations on the best motherboard to use with this CPU? My budget is up to $150, maybe $175 if the feature set it right. I plan to use this PC to play games such as Starcraft II, World of Warcraft, Borderlands, Fallout: New Vegas etc. I would like to also have the ability to SLi 2 cards together in the future, as well as have at least 4-6GB or RAM. Thanks!
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  1. this x58 motherboards is $209, but i think its 1 of the best x58 motherboards price vs performance
  2. read toms " build your own " march 2010 $1500.00. I did it minus 1 gpu cost $1200.00. works great.
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