ATI Radeon 4890 displays gray vertical lines in video

I have a problem wih displaying hardware accelerated video when using my 4890 video card. Gray vertical lines appear when playing video, but when using powerdvd and disabling hardware acceleration, the lines dissappear. I have the same symptom of vertical lines in video in Hulu videos as well. The lines are usually visible in darker scenes in videos and seem to randomly decreasing and increasing in intensity. I attached a screenshot of how it looks like below. You can see the vertical lines more clearly in the screenshot on the letterbox bars at the top and bottom of the video.

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  1. What OS are you using? If you are using Vista/W7 try to disable Microsoft Sidebar see if has something to do with it.

    Update your driver. Make sure you remove the old one before installing the new one.

    How old is your 4890? Have been cleaning your GPU fans and heatsink to make sure it has sufficient air flow?
  2. I'm using Windows 7 with the sidebar disabled and the latest ATI Catalyst 10.7 driver. The GPU is clean and I am using an Antec 902 case which has good airflow.
  3. I have the exact same problem, but I'm running XP with a Radeon 2600 XT card. My resolution is set to 720p using component output. Just upgraded to 10.7 with no change. Thin, faint black vertical lines evenly spaced across the screen, easily seen in dark areas -- especially the letterbox portion. Racking my brain on this one. I hope someone can help us!
  4. I too have this issue with my 4870x2, what could it be? I've messed with my video settings in CCC but had no results yet. I've also got a new DVI cable on order so shall see if that makes an improvement, doubt it will but here's to hoping.
  5. Have you tried a different display?
  6. I tried the display on another computer, which did not exhibit the same problem.
  7. Has anyone been able to fix this problem?
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