GA-990FXA-UD3 vs 890FX DELUXE5 AM3+

Hi I'm building a new gaming computer and need advice on which mobo is better, this is my first ever build.

I had the Asrock picked out and was ready to buy:

Newegg reviewers seem happy with the board but some report build quality issues.

Today I saw the Gigabyte on a 24 hour sale:
On sale $144

This board seems good except for a really buggy bios. Is this something that is likely to be fixed? On a strictly superficial note, I like the color scheme on this board MUCH better; All my components are black/red, but color is not a deal breaker by any means.

So which is the better deal? I plan to use a Phenom II x4 until bulldozer comes out. Will use crossfire. And I plan to overclock at some point.

I'm using this ram if it makes a difference:

G.SKILL Sniper 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3 1866 F3-14900CL9D-8GBSR

I appreciate any help, you guys are the best.
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    The ASRock is a good MOBO but it's the older 890FX chipset which is CF {Crossfire} the newer 990FX by comparison is both CF/SLI. The DDR3 1866 MHz will probably have some issues running at rated speed on your Phenom II x4 CPU, but most like will be fine at DDR3 1600 MHz {under-clocked} but I'm confident once you have the Bulldozer installed it'll be fine.

    IMO long-term if you planning a high OC you'll probably be better off with the GA-990FXA-UD5 or ASUS 990FX e.g. Sabertooth 990FX or Crosshair V Formula.

    The only issue that I have with the Gigabyte 990FX chipset is that Gigabyte still requires you to run the 'older' chipset drivers vs ASUS and ASRock with the current version.

    Possible cause for the 'buggy BIOS' ; GA's 1+ year old chipset drivers:
    Crosshair V Formula {2011.05.26} -
    GA-990FXA-UD3 {2010/04/12} -

    I assume that this will change sometime 'soon' but I haven't a clue when?! It's been like this for quite some time and this 'fix' is overdue -- which gets me thinking there could be a {rev 2} GA MOBO. Often TweakTown has beta BIOS/Drivers for Gigabyte MOBOs ->
  2. Thank you for the quick reply! I think you might be right, looking at the specs for the sabertooth it does look very high quality for only $20 more. It looks like it can take a beating, and bonus, it's not blue! It's a little outside my budget but I don't want to regret not getting a quality board.

    One more question tho, I am currently going AM3+ for bulldozer support later, but at this $300ish budget am I better off getting an i5 2500k and a $100ish Mobo? Something like this:
    its only pci-e x16 (x8 x8) but its the most I could possibly spend. I originally only budgeted for a light gaming Athlon II x4 based system, haha that didn't last long.

    I want this build to be as futureproof as possible and the cost of bulldozer down the road is a non-issue. Was planning on waiting and got impatient. I'm waiting for the fx chips anyway. All things being equal I'd prefer AMD since they don't seem to change their sockets as often. That and $$.
  3. IF I were wanting a Bulldozer then I would wait for the FX-8170 or other 125W TDP CPUs and the rumor mill is October 2011. Unless the FX-8170 is substantially faster e.g. 20~30% faster than the 1100T BE then it won't even match the Sandy Bridge current offerings not to mention the SB-E LGA 2011 {Nov 2011} or Ivy Bridge {March 2012} which will be 20~30% faster than the current Sandy Bridge.

    i5-2500K vs 1100T BE ->

    The reality is no one 'really' knows. The handful of {P} pre-production Bulldozers don't even to be on par with Sandy Bridge -> My 'Guess' is that the top of the line FX-8170 is going to be at best on par with the i5-2500K, but not a 'Leap Frog' as in the past. I've been around for a while, in years long since past 1 week you're pro Intel and the next pro AMD, but in the past 'decade' AMD has been more on the catch-up. This is only bad for the Consumer because it stifles competition.

    What 'I am doing' - I'm waiting for the LGA 2011, LGA 1155 and AM3+ to duke it out and then I'll decide on the 'best' sometime in November/December - I currently have LGA 1366 rigs and ±2-6FPS doesn't make me jump to spend 'a lot' on a new system. BTW - IF you currently have all of your games with 45FPS then there's no rush and IF you're exceeding 60FPS+ then they're being lost on your 60Hz {60 FPS} monitor.

    I also have to see obtainable OC and Thermal data. On a SB 2500K you can OC on a cheap CM 212+ to 4.5GHz+ in 5 seconds, in contrast a FX-8170 with 125W TDP vs i5/i7 K 95W TDP.

    The #1 way to increase your Frame Rate is your GPU(s) and even then TDP is a limiting factor.
  4. Well I can't really wait much longer, my ancient pc died a few months ago and I'm tired of being without a proper computer. So I guess I'll just get the sabertooth now, sell my Phenom on ebay in about 6 months and hope bulldozer lives up to the hype.
  5. What option do you like??
  6. Some love Noctua - beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I prefer all black, sometimes the blue or black and red, etc look good.
  7. Quote:
    I hate the color scheme of the sabertooth.

    True but at least its not the same generic blue/black that includes 90% of boards out there. I'd much prefer the crosshair's red/black but not for $50 more. Do you recommend another board with similar features and price?
  8. I already had the ram and yes it's on the qvl (for the sabertooth). Also I was told that since it's 1866, it could be down clocked to run at much tighter timings.

    I currently have 2 xfx 4870s 1 gb ddr5, but I may sell them for something newer. I've always used ati cards but I have no bias against nvidea. So crossfire is necessary and sli would be nice but not required.
  9. Haha right. The power isn't an issue for me but heat is, 4870s get hot. No, no offer on the cards, I'll just sell them on ebay or something whenever I feel I need to upgrade. Am I really missing out without directx 11?
  10. Ew I don't envy you that heat, I thought I was dying under the 85 degree ct weather here.
    Oh yeah oops should have been clearer they are 2 1gb 4870s in crossfire, or will be rather, my old board only had 1 pcie shot and I recently got the other dirt cheap.

    Haha this thread should probably be moved to the systems forum.
  11. If u buy the Sabertooth u will probley end up loving it as much as i do
  12. IThis is what my machine looks like sorry for shitty quality taken on my blackberry god i hate that phone

  13. I don't really know much about mobos so if you don't mind what is the difference between the gigabyte ud5 and the sabertooth? Besides the extra x4 slot and the better color scheme? Also, is their anything to the TUF THERMAL RADAR and the CERAM!X coating on the sabertooth, or is it just pr speak?
  14. vSpooKy said:
    IThis is what my machine looks like sorry for shitty quality taken on my blackberry god i hate that phone

    What case is that? Is that a coolermaster? Kind looks like my 690
  15. This is ThermalRadar

  16. Kalokeri said:
    What case is that? Is that a coolermaster? Kind looks like my 690

    Yes it is a coolermaster here is the link
  17. Green and black looks nice
  18. @ malmental

    Where did u get that front display on your rig
  19. Quote:
    the 'tuf thermal radar and ceramix' is good for being in the desert in iraq and the color will be a good camouflage.
    that's about it.
    in the 'normal type' environment is all that needed, really.?

    Haha you really hate the colors! Not that I blame you. The camo would be hideously ugly with my purple led fans. Not that it matters too much as I don't have a windowed case (for now;)). So even if majorly OC'd the sabertooth doesn't offer any real world benefit? Good to know. Hmm the extra pcie lane could come in handy at some point.
  20. I love it so thats all that matters rite? Lol
  21. @vSpooKy
    You got that right. And anyway I'm sure it goes awesome with your green themed rig. I nearly went with green before realizing that it would clash badly with my desk area. And I have to say, even if the thermal radar is a gimmick like malmental says it sure looks like a cool gimmick :).
  22. It seems like everything stays cooler.
  23. Just checked the QVL on the UD5 and my memory isn't listed, of course their wasn't much on the list. It is on the sabertooth, is memory dependent on the individual board or the chipset?
  24. Just dowload the manual from asus to look up your memory
  25. Oh I know that, I know my Ram is on the QVL for the sabertooth just not the gigabyte UD5. I was just wondering if it works for one 990fx board will it work on others or is it a board to board thing? I'm leaning toward the asus at the moment just because I know my ram will work for sure.
  26. The way I see it if its not in the manual then its not going to work
  27. You're probably right, better safe than sorry :)
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