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I just built my first PC and have a WD RED 1TB drive. I am wondering if it can use this as a normal HDD rather than a network drive. It would save me loads of money to splash out on a new drive since i can't return the RED drive.

It's a WD RED 7200rpm 1TB SataIII NASware HDD.

Will there be any incompatibility or problems with this.

My system specs are:
Phenom II x4 965 BE
8GB of corsair vengeance ddr3 1600mhz
MSI 970A-G46
Saphire HD radeon 7770 1gb
Windows 7 pro 64bit

Thank you so much for the help!
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  1. That's no problem. You can us it as a normal drive. The main difference between a desktop drive and a nas drive are some modifications to the firmware, like TLER:
  3. The WD Red is a normal SATA drive that can be used in NAS appliances and as a desktop drive.
  4. This is easily the best tech forum ever, the community is great. Thanks guys.
  5. I'd like a few more replies before i decide what to do, my dad wants to make 100% sure it'll work.
  6. It will work as it's just a SATA hard disk that could be used for RAID in a system. Tom's and other sites have tested it in a desktop system, not in a NAS device.,3248.html
  7. Can it work without raid?
  8. Any SATA hard disk can work without RAID. There's nothing special with a WD Red drive other than a firmware that's optimized for RAID use (as with WD RE drives, Seagate Constellation ES and others). Just install it and it will work.
  9. Thanks, I'm sorry if i asked really stupid questions, i just don't want to waste £60
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