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I'm new to the whole computer building/overclocking thing but I gave if a try and built an amd machine with a biostar board and an athlon 445 triple core with the hopes of unlocking the fourth core.

The core temps are very low if I just boot it stock, 12C at idle.

If I bio-unlock the CPU (which I guess it their first step of over clocking) my idle temp rises to 49C, this is the same for a quad core or triple core once bio-unlocked.

The fourth core seems stable when unlocked but I am worried about the temperature readings.

Is it likely that I am getting false high readings if the stock triple and bio unlocked triple vary by so much? I've downloaded all kinds of programs and they all confirm these temperatures. I'd really love to run the fourth core, it seems stable.
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  1. First off, welcome to Tom's forums! :)

    um, quick question, are you using an aftermarket cooler for what you just did there^?
    Those temps SEEM safe but could go i'm guessing your using the stock AMD cooler that came with you box. Invest in a cheap cooler - the Cooler Master Hyper 212+

    running another core means higher temps, reducing these tmeps mean they'll run more stable at lower temps. Heat is the performance killer/thief.

    How long has it been since you bought your machine?
  2. 49°C is not dangerous at all, but try running prime 95 for a few hours. If temps exceed 95°C, disable the core.

    However, even if temperatures are dangerously high, you could get a better aftermarket cooler. For about $30, you could knock quite a few degrees of that temperature.
  3. its the stock cooler but it runs very cold with the stock 3 cores activated (17C) and core temp shows a temp of 49C after bio-unlocking but running 3 cores or 4 cores... does this make sense or are the readings false?

    When I ran 95 the temps started climbing within minutes but I turned it of at 75 degrees after like 5 minutes.
  4. The Hyper 212+ IS $30 @ newegg.

    AMD's stock cooler are far better than the boxed coolers of intel. Intels coolers are defective and they give an unequal amount of mounting pressure to the HeatSinkFan(HSF) and CPU cos of the bumb plastic pushpins. SO intel users opt for an aftermarket cooler straightaway.

    AMD's boxed cooer - out of the box - has better build quality, good mounting pressure and the cooler that comes with the CPU is mean't for it. i.e:a triple core. Thas why your proc @ x3 runs cooler.

    Advise to follow: keeping your temps down with an aftermarket cooler keeps your 4th core unlocked and your CPU(as a whole) running without a threat of it dieing cos of heatstroke :lol:

    5mins is actually nothing, your not in an OC so run Prime95 for 30 mins and report the temps.

    Just got this info: unlocking the 4th core gives off improper temp readouts. GET CPUID-HWmonitor and CoreTemp to monitor your cpu cores temps...THEN post back here :)

    Tonnes of advice/trials for you to look at :
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