Dead MotherBoard?

Hello,im connor and i need help with something,
when i plug my screen inot my mother board graphics card it works fine but when i plug my screen into my graphics card, its like i havent turned my screen what should i do?
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  1. Two gpu's cant work together unless its Crossfire or Sli
    in your case the mobo card seems to work well but not the other one
    so, Check for faults and use the card in another computer to see if tis working
  2. What graphics card are you using? Actually, list all of your specs if possible (motherboard, graphics card, power supply, ram, etc.).

    Have you installed your graphics card's latest drivers before attempting to boot with the card? Do that if you haven't.
  3. Connor, nearly all motherboards with integrated video deactivate the onboard GPU when the BIOS detects the presence of a separate card.

    The first thing you should do is try the card in another computer.
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