Can i use hd radeon 4670 ddr3 graphic card with this ddr2 ram.??

im using DDR2 ram and dual core processor...can i use hd radeon 4670 ddr3 graphic card with this ddr2 ram.?? or shld i use only Hd radeon DDR2 graphic card..
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  1. It's amazing how often this gets asked :)

    The memory on your graphics card and your system memory do not need to match. They can be completely different.
  2. first no Gpu can be a DDR3 one its GDDR3(Graphics Double Data Rate 3)
    whereas the Ram is DDR1,2,3(Double Data Rate)

    they are totally different and they dont need to match
  3. thanku using ga-ma69vm-s2 mother board ...can i use hd radeon 5570 or 5550 cards ?
  4. Yes but those cards won't give as much value as the 4670. You would be paying for DX11 capability but the cards are too slow to deal with it anyway.
  5. ^+1 its right the hd 4670 will be more powerful than the 5570 or 5550 cards...if you want to get the performance like hd 4670 and also dx 11 than save a bit more and get hd 5670's a way better than all the card mentioned above...
  6. Cards depend on your moniter res
    higher the res more powerful cards
    lower the res lesser powered cards
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