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I am getting ready to put an HTPC together for my home. I have UVerse for TV and Internet, and an Onkyo Head.

I am planning on coming off the Uverse unit, into the HTPC, then into the Onkyo before going to the TV. I know there are HDMI cards that can be added to allow the Uverse to run into the HTPC, but are there motherboards that handle it without the $200.00 cost of the expansion card?

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  1. This is the card I am referring to. Is this the only way to route the Uverse into the HTPC, or is there an alternative that is less expensive?
  2. What outputs does your Uverse unit give you? Just HDMI? Did someone tell you that was the only tv tuner card you could use?

    I'm sure we can figure out a way for your to use a much less expensive TV Tuner card.
  3. It's got S-Video, HDMI, RCA, coax, USB, and a digital audio out on the back. Right now I have the HDMI cord going to the onkyo head unit.

    I have never built or had an HTPC unit. I am trying to put something together so I can watch all the stuff off the internet, such as Netflix, Youtube, ESPN 3, and also have a bluray/dvd drive/burner in the unit so I can record.

    I was told the only way to input the high quality signals and be able to record them was to put that card in.
  4. Curious to see if you were able to send the Uverse feed to an HTPC using a video capture card. I currently have Uverse and want to add an HTPC to the setup, but have heard there are problems getting everything to work together.
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