how to configure a belkins router and also linksys router? please help me to answer my query.. thanks
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  1. To do what?

    Did you try reading the manual? They come with one, you know. Or try the internet.

    If you have a specific question, let us know.
  2. Use the web interface to configure the router.

    To access, from your home PC, Start>Run>CMD, type ipconfig and look for "Default Gateway". That is the IP of your router.

    Open a web browser and enter the IP address into the web address bar.

    For your linksys router it should be and your default login is "admin" for the user and "admin" for the password. I am not to familiar with belkins but it should be along the same lines for accessing the web interface.
  3. configuring router seems like configuring modem?? my router was just given by my brother in law that is why there is no manual accompanied.
  4. If you google the model number, you can find the manual.

    For example, google "Belkin ABC123 manual"

    Try it, google made it really easy to do!
  5. You will usually find the model number underneath the router. There is usually a sticker with several bar codes. Locate the one the has the model number of your router. You can also go on the manufacturer website and they can usually walk you through the process of locating your model number.
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