Just recently, after 3 months, my router stopped working wirelessly. The green wireless light is out. My other computers cannot find my network. For some reason, in services the WZC was off, i restarted it. Still nothing. I then started all services and went into msconfig and started all services, still nothing for the wireless. I cannot click on the tab, view wireless networks, cuz there is none, there is nothing in control panel-networks, to click on. I think it is a computer problem, something went wrong or is off, i am at a loss. I have added nothing, or downloaded anything. Just quit working one day, slowly throughout the day. thank you for any assistance. The only thing i havent tried is uninstalling and reinstalling network card. Thanks again
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  1. If you live in an urban area your wireless card should be able to detect neighbouring wifi networks -- which might prove that the adapter is not the problem. If you were previously able to detect neighbours but not now, obviously the adapter is a suspect.

    If the router has suddenly lost its wireless light there may be a fault or perhaps it just needs rebooting -- failing that, try the reset button though you may have to reapply LAN and WAN settings which are wiped by the reset.

    Note that many routers have wireless disabled as the default. If there's been a power surge which reset the router it may have gone to a wireless disabled state.

    Generally the best troubleshooting technique is to hook up a computer to the router by ethernet cable and log in to the router's user setup screens. See literature which came with router for how.
  2. Thanks for the advice. I am in the router settings, all looks good. There is no enable/disable button unfortunatley. I've rebooted, reset. still nothing, i'll keep plugging away, thanks again. It cannot detect any wireless networks, but my other 3 computers can, just this one. Still says no wireless config for this computer.
  3. I wish you would try to separate the computer's wireless adapter problems from the router's apparent problems -- otherwise it's very confusing.

    If the computer cannot detect any wireless networks it sounds as though the wireless adapter in you computer is at fault. If it's a laptop check that the wireless is switched on -- usually a switch on the case or an Fn key combination. For desktop or laptop check Control Panel, Systems, Hardware, Device Manager.

    The router will have a facility for activating/disabling wireless in its setup screens. If the router's wireless light is not lit it suggests either it's off or faulty. But you should confirm that the other computers can detect this router's wireless.
  4. Thanks for the responses. Sorry if my description of the problem is confusing. It may be that both the router and the wireless adapter went bad....??? I did uninstall/reinstall my wireless adapter card, to no avail. Thanks for the help. All wired connections to the internet still work fine, just no wireless , guess i'lll get a bunch of cat 6 and run throughout the house, lol. Thanks again. (desktop, so not a simple function key like my laptop, i wish)
  5. Once you're wired to the router, read the full router manual (download from maker's) and access the router's setup screens.

    Check that wireless is on and that wireless mode is mixed (or N if so is all your other equipment)

    That SSID is being broadcast

    That Access List is disabled (filters by MAC ID unique to every piece of networking gear)

    That wireless security is disabled while setting up.
  6. Thank you once again.

    Wireless Channel Auto
    Broadcast SSID box is checked
    Wireless mode b-g and n, mixed
    Protected Mode(set up protected) off
    Use as access point disabled
    mac address control disabled

    found and installed firm update for the belkin also.

    Still the same tho, thanks again, i'll look for a conflicting program or something else.
  7. It varies by brand perhaps but on my Netgear router Enable Access point has to be ticked for wireless to work. Try that, see what happens.

    Frankly I would not use Wireless Channel on Auto because the thing may jump around when it detects neighbouring wifi. Better to test thoroughly for the best channel for your environment (the slightly different frequencies work better or worse depending on the building).
  8. Still working on it, nothing yet, may just in stall a new router and see what happens there.
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