Help! Im new to the forum, this is my FIRST official build!

Hey hey =] im 15, i already know how to build computers and i've been working with them since... 12 or 13? This current computer, Pentium 4 3.0GHz 800FSB 512KBcache is old and slow i need to upgrade from this '03 sys, 2GB 400MHz ram, 7950GT AGP lolz. So, i just need some reviews and some suggestions about this new computer build for around a 1000 or 1100 dollars and some directions to point to for a good MOBO, and if my PSU is fit for the job, and some processor Q's.. here it is.......

8GB 1600MHz Kingston HyperX latency 8 RAM...

Intel Core i7-950...

Nvidia GeForce GTX 470 (Need help on this, got Q's for maybe a GTX 570)...

750Watt PSU from the manufacturer, Ultra. (Have Q's on this too)...

Is the PSU enough to handle this system? Is the PSU enough to handle any OVERCLOCKS on the GPU and CPU?

Should i get the GTX 470, or should i side with the GTX 570? Any performance differences and is it worth the jump from the 470 to the 570?

WHAT MOBO SHOULD I GET? I was thinking of the Asus PX something something... ??? Hmmm.. help?

i7 950 vs i7 920 D0? Which overclocks better, and which is better just overall? the 950......... right?

I've built a older system like at the beginning of the year in January.. and it would've worked but it didnt boot right and it was i think because i need to reformat the HD i already had, and i thought it was the mobo.. >.< ohwell the sys would've been kinda pointless now. Thanks, help the 15 yr old out would ya!
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  1. Hello and a warm welcome to THG.. First things first, for your proposed budget of 1000$, you cannot build up a satisfactory X58 based system.. If you want, we can help you assemble a good gaming (assuming that is your primary intention) system for that budget.. Let us know..
  2. Emperus,

    I already have drives(except the HD =[, not worring about that)

    I already have the 750PSU(using it in that current system)

    All i need is those things i just mentioned, the core or MAIN things of a computer.... anyone?

    You guys can offer suggestions, i just dont want anything with ATI or AMD i dont like those companies i've had experiences with them, and.. just no, lol. Sorry AMD people.. you can still help though =] Nvidia+Intel here.
  3. what are you planning to do with this build? Gaming, AutoCAD, photoshop?
    Than i can help you out =D
  4. Gaming, nothing else much really... Just High Performance gaming and HD videos all at High resolutions, maybe around 1920x1200.

    I need things that are really good. Not price vs performance, PvP to some extent but, i want something future proof and really good for now, but not extremely high priced ( for example a mobo above $350 or $370 bucks is not my thing, too much ) so, just need some guidance, thanks.
  5. okay lets start off with there two...
    Intel core i5 760. Very high rated CPU with awesome performance.
    4 cores.
    future upgradable.
    8MB L3 Cash.
    good OC.
    AMD Phenom ii X6 Black Edition. Another Very high rated CPU with great performance
    6 Cores.
    future upgradable.
    4MB L3 Cash.
    very good OC thanks to being unlocked.

    Take your pick and we can got on with the rest =D
  6. Im siding with the i7-950 for $250.

    I dont prefer ATI or AMD, please =]
  7. hyrule571 said:
    Gaming, nothing else much really... Just High Performance gaming and HD videos all at High resolutions, maybe around 1920x1200.

    You'll mostly need a dual or a single ultra high end video card setup for gaming at those resolutions.. Now considering the i7 950 at 250$, add another 200$ for motherboard and about 150$ for ram.. That will leave about 400$ to get video card(s), PSU and case, which won't be enough for your desired needs..
  8. lol okay i7 it is. Check out this mobo.

    Is that any good to you? usb 3.0. SLI/crossfire so you can have two high end Graphics cards :)
  9. If anything - I can spend around 1300, really. Okay, you know what. Idc about money. Just ignore that. Ill put my money limit to 1400-1600 bucks. I've already charted out the money. Im at 810ish bucks for the first post of future sys specs, not including the Raid 0 HDs(around maybe 1TB or 750GB idk), and case, and mobo. ill try around 1400-1600.... im not interested in AMD or ATI, fyi people.
  10. I need a mobo better, that has mostly USB3.0 ports, and 4x of the best PCI-E 16x if any exist, im pretty sure they do, but, eh.. and 2000MHz+ speed supporting mobos, and a mobo that can support current EXTREMELY high end cpus, like the 980x(for future) or the 975 Extreme(future, maybe). Thanks! I really like to think and like to go future proof + really high end computer builds, so i dont waste money(not too concerned) and get stuck with a piece of junk in 2014 or 2015 lol... This current computer is from '03 and its time to let it go.
  11. Best answer
    right okay this was a bit hard lol
    * be aware some of this stuff was cut a little cheap for your budget to go with your i7 * < RAM 4GB < GPU < HDD < PSU

    The rest of your money can be spent on a Cases of your choice aswel as a optical drive, few sata cables and thermal paste :) etc.
  12. Hmmmm, not exactly what im looking for... Let me post what i think, tell me if its even good.
  13. ah, didnt see you increased your budget.
    I have that PSU so yes
    Very good GPU so yes
    Core i7 is good.

    What do you like from these two?
  14. Okay, awesome... Im looking for a 4-way SLI mobo that can handle 2000+ MHz RAM. Ill be putting 1600MHz but the speed handle for the mobo is for future RAM upgrades, also for the 4-way SLI gpu, for future upgrades.
  15. sorry my friend but the best i can get ya is 3 way sli/Xcrossfire

    Still one of the best boards you can buy today
  16. Aha! Found one even better! You almost had it XD

    Almost exactly what im looking for. It doesnt support factory clocked DDR 18 20 21 2200MHz sticks? Just making sure....

    Could you tell me whats better for gaming, Raid 0 or 10000RPM? Im not sure about those two.
  17. Wait o.o....

    That mobo doesnt support PCI-E x16, 4 GPUs? I noticed that the same mobo you listed me to, haha! Fail on my part...

    Theres no mobo out that supports 2000MHz+, 3.0USB, SLI 4-way PCI-E x16?
  18. server boards? lol no don't buy them :)
    Raid 0 is a configuration of HDD
    10.000 RPM is how fasts that HDD is spinning so... 2 7.200 HDD will be better than the 1 velociraptor :)
  19. why not get 2 SSD drives? there super quick, maybe a 32gb SSD for booting and a....what ever size they have made them now for games and what not...SSD are faster then the normal HDD's
    Dont take my word for it tho, do a little research first.

    And for a 15 year old you REALLY know your stuff.

    Just a personal question..WHERE did you get all that Dolla from?! 0.o
  20. Thanks for the compliment =] i've gotten that before... My dad is supplying me with the money, i told him dad i want to build a system, i know this stuff and i've taught myself and i know i can do it. I want to buy this stuff and ill work it all off within a couple months dad, please! Guess what he said...

    Look, i've told you before, i dont care. Ill buy you whatever you want just listen to me and obey your father... LOL =D

    but if i dont listen to him, he really means his word most of the time lol.

    But anyways yeah...

    I found the motherboard i was looking for! But not the price i was looking for! D=
  21. So, what i want...

    That Gigabyte motherboard - seriously, basically exactly what im looking for... just not the price

    Triple Channel Memory, 6GB 1600MHz latency 8 RAM... 12GB 2200MHz for future upgrade..

    GTX 570 SC from EVGA, or the SSC, or the FTW version from EVGA... just one for now, later ill get better PCI-E video cards, yes cards, more than one.

    i7-950 (for now, hopefully i can upgrade in the future to like an even better Socket 1366 Intel CPU..

    Some PSU that will handle medium, stock AIR COOLED, overclocked CPU, GPU, and RAM, for now... better PSU for future components.

    USB 3.0, 6GB/s SATA, 4 PCI-E 16x slots, 2000+MHz RAM capable... found it, relieved lolz..

    Ill be building this all by myself... yes, i will not do stupid things.. if anything, will let this sit and ill give myself time to think that i have done everything correctly and precisely, have not forgotten minor things that affect things majorly, like heatsink-CPU compound/paste, or just other stuff, you know.

    PSU - need guidance on that, im pretty well founded in many of a computer's parts, PSUs not being one of them except more Watts, better performer, better PSU(for the most part, also dependant on the brand)...

    THANKS =]
  22. I personaly wont recommend Rosewill.. Especially when you have Corsair and Seasonic listed along with it.. However, i'll recommend going for an 850 watt PSU just to cover up everything more precisely.. You can give the XFX 850W Black Edition a look for that..
  23. dont get a gtx 470 it is power hungry and it runs hot, get an hd 6870 as it does not run hot, does not draw a lot of power and it scales VERY well in crossfire, or wait for the hd 6950 which should be out very soon, that xfx PSU listed earlier is very good

    EDIT: sorry I didnt see your getting the gtx 570, I still suggest waiting for the hd 69xx cards there might be a price drop and the hd 6950 might be a better buy, who knows, if you could wait a bit longer you could get a sandy bridge build early in January (intels new range of CPUs) I think its worth the wait
  24. =o okay, see whats up, the XFX PSU and Intels new line up, people thanks for everything!
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