What wrong with my computer?

Hey Guys. My computer keeps crashing on startup. My only option is to go into safe mode. The crash is either a freeze up, or a blue screen. Right before these crashes started happening, I was playing Just Cause 2. My computer shut down, and when i turned it back on, these problems started. I cant access my computer at all. Also, I used setfbs to overclock my cpu from stock to 2.7GHz. Here are my specs.

i7 920 at 2.7 GHz with the stock intel heatsink

gtx 460 overclocked

8gb ram

I thought it was overheating at first, but im using an antec 900 with all the fans in. So id be very surprised if it was that. My only other idea was that the video card was defective (its not even been a week since i got it) because sometimes, there are artifacts on the screen while its booting up. I would really appreciate it if someone could tell me what the problem is. Thanks in advance.
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  1. Try uninstalling SetFSB. Also thats the most minor of minor overclocks possible. Thats only 0.04 GHz (40 MHz). Not even benchmarks would likely show that difference. I suggest you learn to bios overclock since you can likely get 3.4+ GHz out of that at stock voltage.
  2. Ive tried BIOS overclocking, but it wont let me, because its a dell motherboard. I uninstalled setfsb and I still get this error. Do u have any idea what else it might be?
  3. Hard drive failure.! If you are using the latest drivers for your video card, try reverting back to some old driver..
  4. You think its the harddrive? Its been giving me messages that its corrupt for almost 5 months now, but i thought that windows was making a mistake. Yea I am using the newest drivers. How would i revert back to older ones?
  5. Yea it works fine in safe-mode. But only normal safe-mode. It still bluescreens in safe-mode with networking. Ok ill download that. Thanks so much guys. Any other ideas?
  6. By the way, do you have a Gigabyte motherboard and if so did you initiate C.I.A.2, if so disable it.
  7. No, I have a dell stock motherboard :(. You see, i had a studio xps 435mt. I changed the PSU to a 750, the GPU to a 460 gtx oc'ed, and hard drive to (1) 1.5 TB and (2) 500 GB. I also changed the case to an antec 900. However, the two things I havent upgraded yet are the motherboard and the heatsink (i dont plan on upgrading the processor for a long time). Ive never had a problem like this before. Thanks for your replies. Any other suggestions?
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