Will a QX770 work with an X58 chipset

I have a QX9770 and my motherboard has died. Can you suggest another current motherboard for my processor please?
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  1. No it wont work with an x58 chipset xD
    You need another LGA775, and thesedays u won't find high end socket 775 mobos, so if u want those higher end evga asus xfx.. 775 hav a look for used ones in ebay.

    Anyways if you want one that can do the job look up for this one:
    MSI G41M-P25
    I'm looking forward for one of this for my Q9550, my nforce 780i mobo died too :\
  2. Thank you. I wonder if I should just buy another processor?
  3. The issue for you is that the processor that you have is a little unique in that it is one of the few that has a FSB of 1600. The only chipset that we have listed that supported the Intel® Core™ 2 Extreme QX9770 processor was the X48 and the Intel board for that processor was the Desktop Board DX48BT2. I don’t know any other manufacturers boards that did support this processor.

    So most likely it is time to move up to a new system.

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
  4. In the day I had a QX9770 and by no means does it 'have to' run on a FSB 1600 MHz MOBO and can run just fine and dandy on a FSB 1333 MHz MOBO as long as the CPUID is supported in the MOBO's BIOS. Ideally, yep it's nice to have a MOBO with FSB 1600 MHz.

    However, where it will get 'funky' depends on your RAM.

    So what RAM do you have?
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