New HD5870 Malfunction


Just built a new computer. Everthing seemed fine until i fired up BFBC2. The game acts wierdly, shows artifacts and then shuts down with an "Display Driver has stopped responding and are not recovered" error. Same goes with other games. Strange thing is, sometimes it works just fine, i mean, i've managed to play 2 full matches on BFBC2 before the "Display Driver has stopped responding and are not recovered" popped up. So i think the gpu is workin properly.

Asrock X58 Extreme III
1TB Samsung Spinpoint F3 HD103SJ
Corsair 6GB (3x2GB) 1600MHz PC3-12800
Intel Core i7 930, 2.80GHz
Gigabyte Radeon HD5870 1GB
Corsair HX 850W 80+


What i've tried:
Installed different drivers, reinstalled then in safe mode.

The card is not overheating.

The card has enough power, the psu is not faulty.

Any ideas? :)
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  1. Are you overclocking anything?
  2. No, everything is stock.
  3. hmm... ok, if your sure the temps are good then I would suggest you either try a different graphics card in your PC and see if you get the same error's, Or put your HD5870 in someone else's PC and see what happens. Either way will tell you if the problem lie's with the graphics card.

    Have you tried catalyst 10.4? They seem to be the most stable driver for alot of people.
  4. No improvement with ccc 10.4...
  5. Ok, if you can, try what I suggested earlier and see what happens.
  6. Im rly having a hard time finding another computer which has a psu strong enough to power the 5870 up. I want swapping gpus to be the last thing i have to do. Any other suggestions? :)
  7. uhmm.... I take it this is a new build? If you had an nVidia card installed previously then I suggest you use a program called Driver Sweeper to completely remove any traces of nVidia drivers.

    Its almost certainly something to do with the GPU because your getting artifacts, The problems you described sound like a instability problem or overheating problem, but as you say the temps are fine and nothing is overclocked then I can only assume the card is faulty, but you won't know for sure until you swap the GPU.
  8. Well, not so much artifacts but flashing screen. And yes, the build is new on a fresh win7. Il see if i can get someone that will lend me their machine for testing.
  9. oh right, I believe the flashing/flictering screen issue was mean't to have been resolved with Catalyst 10.4 or 10.5... Are you using two monitors?
  10. Im using one monitor. I just reinstalled windows and installed fresh ccc 10.4 and still the same problem. I cant find anyone that will let me put this hd in their computer, everyone is out of town. So I emailed the shop and il probably be sending back the 5870 next week.

    If they will send me a new one and the problem presists... what can it be then?
  11. I haven't got a clue what may be the problem if they send you a new card and the problem presists... ATi have had a few problems with BFBC2, however there meant be sorted out.
    Does this problem happen in any other game?
  12. Yeah, in all other games i've tried.
    Assasins Creed
    Also all 3d applications hangs or fails... like furmark 3d. It goes abit and then hangs up.
  13. Well I'm almost 100% sure that your card is at fault, RMA it.
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