GTX 460 DX11 Problems

Hi, I Bought two GTX 460 (SLi) a couple weeks ago and today i decided to download the Unigine Heaven Benchmark tool and i tried in DX10 -- no problem, but I tried to switch to DX11 and i get this Error....also you can see that in Dxdiag its set on DirectX 10 when i Have Two dx11 Cards...I also tried Install DX and its saying its the lastest verison so my question is, is there away to Unistall DX and hopefully fix this problem...?
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  1. no need to talk like that that dip, the compatibility of DirectX is hardly 'common sense'. its quite specialist knowledge.

    but yes OP, Dx11 is only usable in Windows 7.
  2. DirectX 11 is a Windows 7 only feature, so even if you have any DX 11 card on any other windows version, you cannot have DX 11 on them.
  3. like dip stated, MS now has DX11 support on Vista
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