Antec 900 Molex Connectors for Fans

Hey guys, i upograded my computer from c2d to i5 last night and noticed that my fans on the antec 900 have female molex connectors, ive read that they have both however i dont remember seeing them, is this true, or do i need to buy (at least) a 3 way splitter for my PSU. I remember the ones on my antec case needing a male connector and i only have one of them spare on my psu.

Also im looking at getting OCZ 700W StealthXStream 2 psu as my old one is knackered... does anyone know if they have the 2 connectors required for my BFG 295GTX - i'd hope it does for £75 lol

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  1. EDIT: your PSU will come with male 4pin molex connectors so your good to hook the fans up regardless of a dual female/male molex connector or just a female molex connector.

    what uk sites do you prefer for online purchase? cos I'd advise another PSU :) oh yeah, and we'd need more on you rig specs to answer the PSU question.

    If your running one BFG 295GTX then the PSU has connectors.
  2. I cant order off of the internet because of delivery times where i am, it's up to 2 weeks waiting list regardless of next day delivery so it's gonna be from a pc world store, (bartered price) so my options are limited.

    I need 4 male molex connectors for all the fans though and i only have 3 female ones and 1 male one lol

    im at work so cant give you accurate specs but basically i have:

    Antec 900
    MSI P55-GD65
    i5 760
    BFG 285GTX
    *the above psu when the misus gets it me today*
  3. yeah then you'd need female to male4pin molex splitter, 2 should do you fine.

    We call it a molex "Y-cable"

    Just to be sure, your OCZ psu is ok...not good for OC'ing/SLi-ing though:)
  4. thats np im not going to be sli-ing or ocing atm

    ive bought a male to male 3 way splitter for my fans, that y cable doesnt look right for what i need o.O hmmm the fans have a female power thing i need a male power thing, i only have one spare so ive bought a male to male 3 way splitter, so i can plug that into a female one i have spare from my psu and plug the others into the fans

    hope this is right we'll find out tonight! lol
  5. I'm having trouble grasping :lol: too many pimp-o talk going on here :D...really, i'm lost cos of all the male female thingy you've mentioned.

    Try them out, if they don;t, you can personally walk down to the store and sort it out - ofcourse, you'd need one of the fans in your hand to illustrate :na:

    FYI - you can daisy chain the connectors and hook your fans to it. Just don't daisy chain it to any Hardware like HDD/ODD
  6. Lol sorry if im making it hard to understand... a male connector is the one that fits into the female connector to make the connection. The fan connector effectively has 4 holes and i need the connector with 4 conductors sticking out, so they fasten together.

    Google Male Molex and Female Molex to see what i mean cos i cant link pics cos im at work :( lol

    Again sorry for the confusion and i appreciate you trying to help me
  7. lol, i know what they are and what theya re called :lol: just the way you were saying them :lol: hahaha

    this is what i should've posted before the UV treated molex connector

    i mean't you can have the connectors connected back to back..a pair of splitters are enough to hook up to to molexes from the PSU voila - connection to 4fans cos of 4pin male molex headers
  8. Oh right lol

    my post reads very patronising lol >.<

    I knew i needed splitter i was wondering if they have dual connectors like some people are saying but im guessing they dont, otherwise i'd remember that.

    Oh well the three way splitter will do for at least 2 fans for now.
  9. well as far as i know the coolers should have both
    all 6 coolers on my 1200 case are connected to each other and powered by one molex
    the front side of the connector will fit in the rear of the other:-) hope this helps
  10. well my psu didnt supply me with even one male molex... so non of my fans are connected atm, they're all definately female molex requiring males.
  11. i want to buy this item
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