Upgrading... CPU problem


System Specs:

Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P rev 1.1
BIOS version F9
600w PSU
XFX 5850 Black edition.
8Gigs OCZ Gold RAM 1.8v
250gb HDD 7200RPM
Intel core 2 Duo E7400

I am trying to upgrade to a Intel Core 2 Quad Q9300. However, after installing. My PC freezes during loading windows. sometimes it only gets to the MB logo screen, not even hinting at going to the POST screen. No matter what I do, it will not loa windows. I can't even get into the BIOS. Once again, it freezes. I checked compatibility for the CPU with every other component I have in my system before buying this CPU. Everything seemed fine.... save for this freezing issue. If anyone has any thoughts, or ideas on how to fix this, VERY much appreciated....

P.S. I couldn't boot from CD either.
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums
    Install the E7400 on your board again and download the latest BIOS for your motherboard, then try using the Q9300 and see if it works or not
  2. Yes, upgrading BIOS will surely solve your problem.
    But make sure you back up all the data and important thing before flashing BIOS.
  3. Ok, I'll try that. I've never updated a BIOS before, so wish me luck. ^_^;
  4. Well, I updated my Motherboards BIOS to the latest version, which is F10.

    It seemed to have a problem after the first boot though. The POST screen displayed, but it said it was recovering BIOS. Scared the hell out of me. I let it run through whatever it was doing and it restarted and came on it's self. POSTed fine, and said the current version was F10. So it updated. To double check though, I restarted and checked my BIOS, as well as CPU-Z and Ran msinfo32 to be sure.

    All looks well with the BIOS update. Now to try the CPU again...... I really hope this works. Tired of having problems with new components. :sweat:
  5. Okay, keep posting here about your result...
  6. Alright, so here is where I am so far. I am now running on the q9300. :love:

    I was trying everything my brain could think of to get this started. The BIOS didn't seem to be the problem, because after the BIOS update, I would now freeze at the post screen. It would show the model of my motherboard, and the processor, but would freeze right after. I couldn't boot into BIOS, and I lost all hope. Then I stared at the screen for about 20 minutes, wondering "What in the hell am I missing here?"

    Hurp durp.... the RAM..... I still had all 4 of my 2 gig sticks in there the whole time.... :whistle:

    So I took out 3 sticks, leaving a 2 gig in the first slot of the first channel. Booted it up and OMG IT'S ALIVE!!!

    Everything looked like Gold after checking CPU-z, and my system screen.

    So I popped in another stick of ram in the second slot of the first channel....

    4gigs. So I figured, shut her down and put all 8 in....

    froze again.... WTF!??

    At least I got the CPU working =P Now I just have to figure out why it isn't accepting all 8-gigs that I had with the e7400.

    Thanks for everyone's help. Any ideas on the RAM? I haven't gone too in depth learning about RAM. I'm still a learner. =D
  7. Quote:

    Says I can have a max of 16 gigs. PC2 6400 was one that it listed. Which is what I have. Would the processor be an issue?

    Someone suggested that if it were a triple channel supporting CPU, that running 8gigs in dual channel would cause problems like what I am having. But I don't see why Intel would toss out support for Dual channel, to add support for tri-channel. When they could have support for both.

    Also, this is my gaming rig. I play Aion on it Mostly. Would 56c be considered a dangerous temp while playing Aion?
  8. The E7400 is a 1066FSB chip and the Q9300 is a 1333FSB chip. So, you may need to manually set up your RAM divider, timings, and voltage because the RAM speed is linked to the FSB speed. In short, installing the Q9300 might be running your RAM faster than it was with the E7400 installed because of the higher bus speed.

    BTW, triple channel is only for s1366 CPU's, not C2Q's. They are dual channel only.
  9. What is the exact model of your RAM and what do you have the BIOS memory options set to?
  10. rwpritchett said:
    What is the exact model of your RAM and what do you have the BIOS memory options set to?

    RAM: OCZ Gold series PC2 6400. 5-5-5 @ 1.8v 4x 2gig sticks.

    I can't remember what the BIOS setting was. I left it on Auto. I think I remember seeing a few 6's in there. Maybe set them all to 5-5-5-15?
  11. I suggest you go into the BIOS and manually set the RAM frequency to 667MHz (that will be 1:1 with the 333MHz base bus frequency when the Q9300 is installed) and manually set the timings to 5-5-5-15. Also, since you are running 4 RAM sticks, bump your voltage up a little... like to 2.0V.

    Install all four sticks and see if she boots using those settings. If it does boot, then you can work at increasing the memory frequency, tightening the timings, and lowering the voltage.

    If it still doesn't boot, try different combinations to try and find a particular stick or combination of sticks that are giving you trouble. When you get the system to boot, you can run memtest86 to test the memory for errors.
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