Is AMD Phenom X6 2.8 GHz a value for money


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I want to know whether AMD Phenom X6 2.8 GHz a value for money as compared to core i5 3.0 Ghz(quad core)????
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  1. Depends on your needs. If you compare with the Intel's 980X, then X6 makes sense.
  2. ^ +1 I5 is a better choice but if you have a AMD mobo then you could just get a Phenom ii X4 for better value as no game needs 6 core's :)
  3. You didn't mention what you intend to use it for.

    If it's gaming, the i5-760 (Intel) and Phenom II X4 965 (AMD) offer far better performance, and the i5 does it with far lower power consumption and better overclocking potential, though the 1156 motherboards can't compete with 790/890FX AMD motherboards when it comes to multi-GPU solutions.

    If you will use it for video/photo editing, CAD or other professional applications, a hexacore like the X6 is a better bet.
  4. It all depends on your needs. If you are after a game machine, then for comparative value, the i5 will be cheaper. But, if that is all you are after is games, then look instead at an AMD Phenom II quad and spend the extra cash on a better GPU, you will get much better performance.

    But if you are going to be doing any CPU intensive work, such as encoding video, then the two extra cores on the Phenom II x6 has a greater value, so you could consider the investment. It's just that at this time, games do not take advantage of the extra cores. In the future they might, but in the future, your CPU selection choice will be different as well.
  5. 3DMark 11 shows that the i5 chips need to have higher clocked video cards to compete with X4 chips at the same CPU frequency. So since the X6 is 400Mhz lower at stock, it is obvious it won't do as well at stock. However at 4.0Ghz the X6 will easily do better than the X4.

    X4 Phenom 965@4.0Ghz == X1756 (Oc 5870)
    i5-750 @ 4.0Ghz == X1652 (OC 5870 -- clocked higher than the above)

    X4@stock == X1546 (a Stock 5870)
    I5-750@stock == X1583 (an OC'd 5870)
  6. Pricing is a rough estimate, and I am just pricing the CPU+mainboard. If you are looking at a bufget build, and everything else is the same, then the CPU and mainboard will be the only differences. For mainboards, I went with Gigabyte. Why? Cause I like Gigabyte, and they make both AMD and Intel mainboards with similar features.

    Mainboard - GA-P55A-UD4P - US $185
    Processor - i5 760 - US $205, total US $390

    Mainboard - GA-890XA-UD3 - Priced at about $140, has similar features to the P55 above
    Processor 1: Athlon II x4 645 - US $ 115, total US $255
    Processor 2: Phenom II x4 965 - US $ 160, total US $300
    Processor 3: Phenom II x6 1090T - US $ 230, total US $370

    When comparing the builds, if a person has a limited budget, for the Athlon II build, that person would have an additional $135 to spend on a graphics card. With the Phenom II x4 build, that person would have an additional $90 to spend on a graphics card. And with the Phenom II x6 build, that person would have an additional $20 to spend on a graphics card.

    $135 could mean a whole performance level difference in graphics. Hell, even $90 could mean quite a bit of difference. Sure, $20 is not that much more difference, but it still is money in the pocket.
  7. Quote:
    ^What kind of BS is that?

    Something that is just as relevant as the useless link that you continually post.

    I'm sorry if you don't like the results.
  8. dipankkar2007ind, you will see in my post above that the i5 760 isn't really cheaper. Sure, the processor itself is priced cheaper, but you have to have a mainboard along with that processor, and the Intel mainboards are more expensive than the AMD maiinboards with similar features.

    Add to this, if one is trying to build in a budget, then the less you spend on CPU/mainboard, then the more you can spend on graphics. Everyone who runs games knows that games are more readily impacted by GPU performance than by CPU performance once you get past the CPU bottleneck. The Athlon II x4 is more than enough CPU to keep current GPUs from bottlenecking, so an Athlon II x4 is an extremely viable gaming-only build.

    So keeping that in mind, and Athlon II x4 build with the same budget as an i5 760 build will probably beat the pants off the i5 760 in games just by virtue of the fact that $135 buys a lot of graphics. Keep that in mind.
  9. dipankar, can you at least keep this discussion civil and stop calling my opinions "stupid" and stop calling anything that clouds what you post as "BS"? It's not like we are trying to piss in your Cheerios or anything, mang!

    Yes, CPU bottlenecks do happen, but CPU bottlenecks are really only seen at lower resolutions, and the framerates are so high to begin with that it really isn't discernable to the naked eye. It's when you start cranking up the resolution and turning on the eye candy that the CPU stops bottlenecking and you can see the real limits imposed by the GPU. To be honest, you don't really see bottlenecks EXCEPT in benchmarks, and only when you see that your framerates are the same until you start hitting 1920x1080 and above and then the framerates start to finally go down as the GPU is finally being taxed enough that the CPU can keep up with it, and then it doesn't really matter what CPU you have since that performance is all limited by GPU. From a real world perspective, a person playing a game wouldn't even really notice it until you pointed it out to them.
  10. Quote:
    @keith No one believes in BS generated by anyone's head.People want benchmark.Becoz benchmarks donot lie.

    That's why the numbers I posted above are benchmark results that can easily be queried on the 3dMark web site.

    The i5-750 can almost keep up with the X4-965. But to almost keep up it needs an overclocked video card when the X4 has a stock speed video card. I'm sorry that doesn't agree with your failed opinion.
  11. ^^^ would you two mind stopping it and helping the damn guy? or take your "BS" somewhere else...
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