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I have a Radeon 4850. Since it was heating up & making a ton of noise with the stock cooler, I decided to mount an Accelero S1. Operation went pretty smoothly, but on booting I had a nasty surprise: card was not outputting anything anymore. Did revert to stock cooler, but no luck -- no image, fan spinning at 100% and led D1601 always on. Looks like D1601 indicates overheating, but it's on from the second I turn my PC on despite heatsink being mounted properly.

Is my GPU fried, or did I mess up some sensor? Any way of resetting the card if it's a software issue?
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  1. I am having this same issue! I am really sorry to revive such an old thread, but this is an identical problem to mine. I tried to replace the fan on it, and then go back to the stock. Now I have a solid red light (D1601) with no video output.

    No other system to test it in, sadly, and no on-board video to revert to.
  2. Ya I have had this issue a bunch of times with my 4850 card and somehow it will randomly start working again. But I wish I knew what caused it to have the problem in the first place.
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