1X, 2X or 3x Cheap cards vs 2 Spendy or 1 Very Spendy card 200MAX

Okay building a Project low buck PC
Win7 64Bit 22 or 23.5 Monitor (1080P)
SC and EQ2 are the main games I don't mind refurb as long as it carries a warentee..

Video card Budget is $200 MAX, CPU will be a Q6600 or X4

In my price range I can get the following

(2) 3870 X2 Refurb
(3) Radeon HD 4650
(3) Radeon HD 5570 DDR3
(3) GeForce GT 240 GDDR5
(2) Radeon 5750's
(1) Radeon 5770

This will be a single spending so don't count on getting a second GPU later in your suggestions.
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  1. If you only want to choose from this provided list ...then i think you should go with the hd 5770...it's the best among the list with dx 11 support...will be very good for you and the games that you have mentioned.,,,
  2. I am not hard set on the listed cards it was just a for instance I could just as easlly get 3 GTX 8800 refurbs for my price with a $200.00 hard cap I am opening to just about anything.
  3. 2x 5750 is a well known budget performance setup. It can compete very well with a $300 5850, and blow away a single 5770. Of those choices, that would be the one I would lean towards.

    5570 and GT240 are not gaming cards, they are top tier HTPC cards, and I don't believe that the 240 even supports multi-card setups. 3870x2s are pretty old tech, and the power consumption alone would dissuade me from going that route.

    Budget wise, you will pay a huge premium for triple PCI-E motherboards, with the cheapest running a x4 slot, which will cripple the performance potential of running 3 cards.

    a third option would be to get a single PCI-E slot motherboard (save a few bucks) and max out the GPu budget on a single 460 768mb model, or a 5830. These cards can be found for less than 200 with a bit of dedication.
  4. All of the boards I am looking at are (2) PCiE 2.0 x16 under 200 (for my 200 is the magic number I can carve out of my budget to get this system (if you missed my last post it is for my kid he dr. peppered his last one and when he works with my Wife he makes 200 a month but school is starting soon. I told him I would match what he puts towards the computer which give him a MAX budget of 900 for eveything including shipping)

    the Q6600 would be on a X48 Board the X4 would be on a 890X chipset (the one with out onboard video)
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