Lacie Minimus External HDD is not detected, VERY IMPORTANT

Hello everyone!

I have a USB 3.0 External Lacie Minimus 2TB hard drive. It came with (a year ago) software and such to make it function, but at the time i formatted it to just use it as an empty drive. After I did that, it would always show up as an Unknown Device, although it would still work fine. The problem is now im on my new computer that I just built, and the computer does not detect the Lacie because there are no drivers to install. I went onto the website, and the driver package they offer requires a Lacie product to be plugged into the computer. Of course, my computer can't detect the damn thing T.T

Please help guys, this has all of my stuff on it (backups, games, files, reports, etc). If it comes down to it, i will be forces to open up the casing and remove the HDD and just throw in in my PC. I dont want to do this though, because i bring the drive on vacation with my laptop.

My Build:

-Sabertooth 990fx MB
-AMD FX-8320 CPU
-MSI Hawk 7870 GPU
-Thor V2 Case
-ASUS dvd drive
-750w thermaltake PSU
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  1. Have you tried using a Y-split cable to verify this isn't a low power issue? Can you see the drive in disk management or device manager?
  2. Wow I forgot about this thread. I fixed it by continuously re-connecting the cable to the USB port. I guess the issue corrected itself, maybe a dirty contact in the usb port?
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