Gaming Build, Need Opinions please

Hey Guys,
Im currently trying to build a good gaming system for higher end content like FFXIV online (playing in the open beta and it is actually bottoming out my current 8400gs, i know big surprise lol.), and CoD: Black Ops, etc.

My build is going for more of a GTX 460 SLI system, What I need from you guys is advice and opinions on this incase i missed anything. Would hate to say, have dual gtx 460's but due to some problem i overlooked, only able to get one, or the second runs slowly, or my system is bottlenecked. That kinda thing.

Motherboard: MSI P55A-G55

CPU: Core I5-760

Graphics Card: MSI Cyclone GTX 460 (1GB and OC'ed with voltage increases)

Case: Cooler Master Scout (with 3 additional 120mm fans)

Power Supply: Currently have a 600w supply. Looking to upgrade as i heard running SLI 460's can be stressful on a 600w.

RAM: 8GB Corsair 1333mhz (2x4GB, as the mobo only has 4 slots, I kept 2 open in case i decide to buy another 8gbs later)

So any advice or opinions or even recommendations would be great. My subtotal for those items is 850 bucks Canadian. My overall budget is about 900-1100 (max) not including tax and shipping. If you need anymore info or questions let me know here. Greatly appreciate it guys :D.
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  1. Links are broken
  2. 8GB isnt going to help you out much over 4GB, i would go for a good 2x2 kit instead, it will perform as well or slightly better and save you $95

    The XFX 650W PSU is very good deal looking at the prices of other PSUs on, for only $100 it is modular, and has enough power to handle 2 GTX 460s.
  3. Ya I dont really know much on how well Ram in high amounts helps (other than basics like 1600mhz is better 400mhz, and the lower the number on timings the faster the ram is processing data)

    P.S. For some reason all links dont seem to like this site :( I tried editing and redoing my links but they're still broken.
  4. for some reason links are screwed up such that you have to right click them and select open in a new tab, control clicking or any other method of opening them will not work right as of late.
  5. Also a big question i got is, is it worth it to go for the I7-930 processors over the 760? Once i get proficient enough i plan on overclocking everything on my pc that i can. Not to its absolute max but definitely up there. Like i said i got about 200 dollars of room to work with so any suggestions are appreciated :D. Also not limited to just Newegg, pretty much willing to look at any site that can ship to Canada without shipping be really high
  6. Anyone? lol
  7. no, it isn't. as far as gaming is concerned the 760 performs just as well as the 930

    the 760 is capable of overclocking very high and the performance scale is incredible
  8. Awesome, I thought as much. Thanks Raif!
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