Looking to upgrade; 4870

I'm currently running a 4870 in my gaming rig, and was looking for a little more kick to get me through some of my higher level needs, such as GTA4 and Stalker:CoP.

I've got the slots, CPU and PSU to do any number of upgrades.

My initial thought was to put another 4870 in, or possibly a 4870x2, but now i'm thinking twice.

I could crossfire with a 4890, or just move up to a larger card.

Any suggestions? What would be the most cost effective?

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  1. Hey,

    I would say Crossfire another 4870 they're about $120 these days. That would be the best price performance ratio decision. Getting a 4890 wont be good cause it will underclock itself to match the 4870.
  2. Yes, you can add HD4870, this is the best solution if you have a limited budget in addition performances are still good (just a little bit better than HD5870)
  3. Good to know about the 4890,

    But what about getting a used 4870x2 for about $200 and running it as a tri-core Xfire?
  4. That may give good performances
    Watch the link

  5. It's a good thread, but those were also on XP with 2 year old drivers.

    I'm not sure of how improvements have come.

    edit: At that time, the new dual channel xfire was not unlocked. It now is.
  6. Ati has surely improved its drivers in 2 years but I don't know if nowadays Ati has improved their drivers for tri/quad HD4000 serie
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