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New Lian LI Case

Lian Li has released their new case, the Tyr PC-X500FX, which is an upgrade to their current Tyr PC-X500 case.

Product Highlights:
Supports ATX, Micro-ATX, and Mini-ITX motherboards
Accepts graphics cards up to 315mm long
Six tool-less HDD mounting racks
Four USB 3.0 multimedia I/O ports & one e-SATA/HD audio port
Fan control-switch on the back panel
Three 140mm LED lit front-panel fans & two 120mm back-panel fans
Transparent side window
Availability: Late December


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  1. Well....that sucks, how much?
  2. images didnt come up for me...
  3. mrface said:
    images didnt come up for me...

    Interesting.... I checked two work PC's and my iPhone and they are all working for me??
  4. beanoslim said:
    Well....that sucks, how much?

    I've seen pricing being suggested in the $400's USD but nothing confirmed on the final price.
  5. I've never seen a side mounted drive case, wouldn't it hit your knees and what if your case had to be on your left?
  6. You really don't want to put a case that pretty on the floor.
  7. Good Point.... Specially if you are paying $400 USD plus
  8. Lian Li are coming out with some great cases. I'm still salivating at their PC-V1020R. This looks to be a great case for those who like that style.
  9. This is the 3rd or 4th Tyr - the side drive bays are on both sides so you can choose where to put it.
  10. Lian Li makes some nice cases, but not 400USD nice. You can buy a nice case and a 250 dollars water cooling setup for the price of the case alone.
  11. Best answer
    ^Of course.. But then again, it won't be a Lian-Li.. Own one to really know one.. Lian-Li's are just an experience in themselves and beyond explanation..

    Now about this case, it certainly looks sweet.. And I like the side access to optical drives also as they allow the front door to remain as it is and not require opening everytime one needs to run any optical media.. Am a fan of Lian-Li cases and have appreciated this one particularly since the X2000.. Too bad they don't employ the all black interiors to all of their cases..
  12. Who in the hell would buy a $400 case??
  13. mrhoshos96 said:
    Who in the hell would buy a $400 case??

    Some do.. And so only they are manufactured and priced so.. Though I wont mind those to be priced 100$ lesser atleast.. Btw, I do possess a Lian-Li PC A77f (bought for 410$ here in India)..
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