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Hey everyone I need some safety advice on a risky thing I want to help a friend out with.
My friend has got a old pentium 3 computer with a IDE hardrive thats windows 2000 is broken due to some insane virus that happened about two years ago and we dont have a cd to repair the OS but it has data he wants to get back so I said I could plug the hardrive into my computer and since I have all my antivirus software up to date I feel it that those viruses wont be a problem. So am I really safe or will those viruses pull a fast one on me the moment I boot if so is there a way to secure the hardrive so my antivirus can get a chance to remove those viruses or there actually a safer way?

By the way I am using F-Secure 9 antivirus if that helps
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  1. Due to the fact that the virus is about 2 years old I would feel pretty safe plugging it in if my AV was up to date.

    But, my suggestion would be to get a Linux Live DVD, unplug your good HD, boot from the DVD and plug the infected drive in. Copy the files into a flash drive, and scan the flash drive. Generally viruses don't really infect documents, but it is always possible,
  2. If you're only copying files over to another media (like CD or USB drive) it's a safe operation.
    A virus needs to be executed and load into memory before it can start making mischief.

    itzdanielp's suggestion about using a LIVE CD would let your friend work on his system without having to remove the drive. A bootable CD has the entire OS on it and runs directly from the CD - not the hard drive.

    It's not Windows - but Ubuntu is enough like Windows to navigate with the File Manager and move/copy files work the same way. Works fine as a Rescue CD.
    Ubuntu Desktop
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