Help my computer does not detect my monitor :S


here is my story,

i used to have a old pc

amd athlon 64 x2 4200+
ati 3450
2 gig ram
msi something something mobo
300watt psu

as you can already see its old, however i made the mistake of buying a new ati 5770 gfx card for this pc. Everything went well i uninstalled my old gpu, removed it, put the new one in. But when i turn my pc on the screen works for 3min and becomes jaggid and unresponsive. I tryed to restart but to no avail.
I figured it must be my psu, so what did i do? i bought a new psu, a Corsair 600W CX PSU - 2x PCI-E 6x SATA.
So i took out my old moldy psu and put my new glorious corsair in, now here is the problem my pc starts fine but my monitor, which is connected via a dvi converter to my new gpu, doesnt detect my computer.

However before i had installed my new psu it detected it find, it just could not run it.

So now here i am asking my self WTF? is going on and what should i do.

Help would much appriciated, thank you.
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  1. my mobo is this msi k8n neo4 platinum
  2. o_o oh dear

    First step is to double check all your connections. Make sure your GPU is properly seated in the motherboard, power connectors are in properly, and the monitor connection is plugged securely. Best way to do this is to simply take it out and go through the installation procedure again.
    Of course, make sure your computer is powered off, caps emptied, and you're grounded by some means.

    Also try connecting to a different monitor port on the GPU.

    Report back with the results
  3. yeah i know :S,

    well i tried all those things no result :S, before i installed my psu, and the old psu was still there, my monitor detected the pc just fine, the only problem was the psu wattage :(
  4. yeah that's making me give my head a scratch. Something happened during that PSU change :/

    Is your computer booting fine? do you have a speaker for POST?

    I don't think that chipset has integrated video, so that troubleshooting option is out the window. Normally I'd tell you to take out the GPU, plug into integrated, and look at your POST to make sure it's not something else. Instead, try putting in your old GPU and see if it works.
  5. yeah ill try that and here is one thing that is bothering me on my mobo, next to my cpu there is a 4 slot, slot for psu which my psu doesnt have plug for
  6. As in a 2x2 connector? That's important, it supplies power to the CPU and such.

    Your PSU is ATX 2.x compliant and should have that connector, it's fairly standard.

    If it doesn't ... well, find that receipt of yours.
  7. oh ***, i found out that it doesnt have a 2x2 connecter but a

    and it has 8 slots and not 4 :S,
  8. i solved the problem!! not i want to upgrade,

    i would like to buy this do i have a suggestion ?
  9. That 2x4 is essentially the same thing in a different formfactor, and I do believe it's keyed in such a way you can actually plug it into a 2x2 and it will work fine, it's just going to be hanging off the plug some.

    If your motherboard has some space around the 2x2, you should be able to do it.

    Edit: Oh! nvm, you figured it out already.
  10. thank you very much
  11. No problem.

    And that CPU/Mobo combo is actually the one I'm using right now, nice coincidence.

    That's a pretty decent bundle deal.

    It runs great, easy OC, good features. Though it gave me some hassle at the beginning where it would sometimes not get past POST because it suddenly decided the clocks were bad, despite being on defaults at the time. I just had to restart it when it did that, then it worked fine.

    It hasn't given me any problems at all since, runs fast and stable. I have the cpu constantly overclocked @3.6ghz with a hyper 212+ cooler and it mows through everything.
  12. thank you, im gonna buy that one, do i need anything else ?

    have a

    dvd drive
  13. Also, if you're a patient fellow, you may actually want to hold out for the AM3+ motherboards. Not only will those work with AM3 CPUs, but they will also support AMDs new Bulldozer based CPUs. Gives it good upgrade-ability, something you won't necessarily get out of the AM3s at this time.

    Just something to keep in mind.
  14. when is it coming out ? cause i will be upgrading in few years or get new pc altogether
    and by that time they'll release something, wont they.
  15. Everything you currently have should work fine, and the parts that need replacing (like the ram) are right there in your bundle. You should be golden.

    Keep in mind, also, with such an enormous swap out job you will want to do a reformat/reinstall of your OS after you put everything together. Because of the way the OS registers to your machine, swapping out the guts like you are will render your former installation invalid.
  16. AM3+ motherboards should be coming out in Q2 of 2011, that's quite a few months away.
    Even then, the brand-brand new motherboards may not have the tech fully ironed out yet to yield its full potential, so you may want to wait longer still.

    That's a long wait, but it's just something I wanted to point out.
  17. Im going for this one :D thank you very much for the help, and the advice.
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