New $1000~ Gaming Build? Is it worth it and will it last?

I have posted here before (did not have the money at the time) but technology/prices are constantly shifting. As a result i am constantly changing up my build until i save up the money i need (i'm almost there). I am also learning new things every day... like how i used too always put an i7 930 in my build until i found out for gaming, you don't really need more than an i5 760. This new build will be pretty much just a gaming machine...

My current computer:

8GB (4X2GB) DDR2 1066 (used to only have 4GB but i got a free 4GB (same ram) from a friend when he upgraded. Haven't noticed a difference with the added 4GB either haha)
Some cheap Foxconn AM2+/AM3 motherboard
Asus HD4850 512mb (came slightly over clocked)
AMD Phenom II X4 955 (stock)
Corsair 650W PSU
Raidmax Smilodon case (used too use the 500w PSU that came with it until recently)

It's holding out OK for current games but i feel like i should upgrade soon as it is 2 years old now.

I game at 1920x1080 btw

What i'm thinking about getting (as of now):

CPU/MOBO: i5 760 / ASUS P7P55D-E Pro Combo ($358.99):

PSU/HDD: Corsair 750HX / WD 1TB SATA 6 Combo ($209.98):

RAM: G.Skill 4GB DDR3 1600 ($91.99):

GPU: EVGA GTX470 ($314.99): (i realize other brands are cheaper. I just feel comfortable with EVGA since whenever i go nvidia, i go EVGA and have never had a problem)

CASE: CM 690 II Advanced ($89.99):

CD Drive: Asus CD/DVD Drive ($23.99):

Total: $1,091.86 shipped

I was going to get a GTX460 at first but decided a 470 would last longer in the end (and with SLI even longer). I didn't want to get a 480 since i plan on SLI/Crossfire later and a 480 uses crazy power. Unless you think an AMD card would be better? I realize AMD cards run cooler and use less power but i'm really looking for performance since i want something that will last a long time for gaming. That and from what i read SLI is better than Crossfire...

I picked that mobo because i heard good things. I also want SATA 6/USB 3 and SLI for better future proofing... ill add another GTX 470 later when i feel i need too (which is also why i picked the 750W PSU). Also i hear that this mobo can handle SLI (x8/x8) and still have functioning USB 3/SATA 6. Please let me know if i'm wrong lol...

Will SLI GTX470s bottleneck an i5 760? Also if i wanted to OC the CPU in the future to get more out of it will that 750W PSU be enough to handle it? Both the GTX470s in SLI and the CPU overclock? If not ill probably need the corsair 850 right?

I'm also not quite sure what to do for a good air cooled case. Seeing as i'm planning on running SLI and overclocking the CPU in the future i will need very good airflow. Ill add an after market CPU cooler when i feel like actually overclocking it (ill use stock until then).

Any help/ideas?
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  1. IMO I would just upgrade your GPU. A 955 isn't really a CPU bottleneck in games, and new CPU architectures are right around the corner.
  2. I have thought about that before... my only concern is my current case is pretty crappy. My temps are pretty high and its starting to worry me... i'm pretty sure they have always been this high but i never bothered to check until recently. This new Corsair 650TX is already generating more heat than the stock PSU did which probably raises the temps a little more.

    Using HW Monitor my CPU and GPU sit at around 50 idle with the stock coolers. I also know the max temp for this CPU is 62... under load it gets around 58 which is cutting it close IMO. The temp just inside my case is also pretty high...

    I suppose i could just get a new case and new GPU and be set though eh?

    One last thing is that i was gonna give this current PC to my friend as his PC sucks bad and he cant really play games with me
  3. If that is the case, then I would just upgrade the CASE and the GPU, rest of the specs look good to me...
    And get the HD 5850 rather than the 470 as the 5850 generates less heat and also it is cheaper...

    And check this case - Might offer better airflow...
    But even that 690 Advanced is a very good go with any...
  4. Well i know the 470 is better than the 5850 and i want to get the best card i can since i wont get another upgrade for awhile. I would get a 480 but i think my 650W PSU would be pushing it. That and its expensive lol...

    I'm thinking this something like this?

    Case: HAF 932 ($129.98):

    GPU: EVGA GTX 470 ($314.99):

    CPU Fan: CM Hyper 212 ($29.99):

    Total: $477.95 shipped

    The stock fan on my 955 is mad loud and it bugs me... i figure getting an after market cooler would keep it quieter, cooler, and possibly let me OC if needed.
  5. Also i picked a 470 over a 5870 since i hear the 470 has better tessellation and dx11 performance. So i assume it's more future proof than the 5870
  6. Free game -
    But even though this card is costlier, but this would be my pick - Overclocked, but pulls less power compared to stock and very good aftermarket cooling...,2713.html

    And also I dont think you would need a Full tower, that HAF 922 is a Big Mid Tower and is spacious enough even to accomodate 2x HD 5970s...So a single GTX 470 would be no issues...
  7. I'd strongly suggest a 460, and this $60 HAF 912 case to hold your budget:

    The 460 is all you need at 1920 res, and saves $80. If/when you need more, add a second.

    Your 750W psu is fine, but overkill if you are on a budget. pair this 750W Antec psu with the F3 disk, and you get the same quality and power psu, a faster disk drive, and save $35:
  8. Agree with gkay09 (and sp12) on pretty much everything. All you need is a better GPU & case, the rest of your rig is fine.

    As for 470 vs. 5870, I think it really depends on the game. Assuming you're gaming at 1920x1080 (and if you're not, upgrade your monitor). :) nVidia makes a point to emphasize tesselation, that's kind of their thing.

    DX11 game benches at Anandtech:

    A couple of games where the 5870 & 470 are basically equal, a couple of games where the 5870 is ahead. Really, it's up to you and what you like to play (and how much you want to pay), I'd say.

    EDIT: Not really certain that a 460 is fine for 1920x1080 (at high/ultra details), and for this rig, SLI = rebuild, which is kind of not the point.
  9. Stick with a 750 over a 760, same thing except one is overclocked. (correct me if I'm wrong)
    You don't need a 6gb/s HDD seeing as the drive itself can't fully utilize 3gb/s never mind 6.

    If you aren't going to SLI now stick with the corsair 650 you have and just buy a PSU when you go for the second card. It's plenty enough to power one card and whatever else.

    You could have chosen better ram. For gaming tighter timings is always better. CAS 7 is the standard.
    or slightly better and probably better to overclock

    If you have a phenom II 955 already you should go that route. Get a good AM3 mobo, a good CPU cooler and overclock that and you have a great gaming platform.
    If you went AMD it would be easier to go with radeon 5850, 5870
  10. Ok so the HAF 922 and that crazy custom OC 470 it is then! Its actually $2-3 cheaper than what i picked anyways :P

    Lets hope since that 470 SOC blows heat into the case that the HAF 922 has good enough air flow to deal with it.
  11. What would you say to getting a new mobo and ram also?

    ASUS M4A79XTD EVO ($93.99 after rebate):

    G.SKILL Ripjaws (7-8-7-24-2N) ($95.99):

    Those plus the HAF 922, GTX 470 SOC, and CM Hyper 212 Plus would bring it too $689.70 shipped.

    Think the new mobo and DDR3 ram would add any performance over my current mobo and ram?

    Current Memory:

    Note: i just realized the timings on my current ram are 5-5-5-15... even though its ddr2 would that make it better than the ddr3 i just linked?

    Current crappy Mobo:
  12. ^ If the mobo is holding on, then I wouldnt suggest you to upgrade that...
    Also both from Intel and AMD will be launching newer chipsets and CPUs by early Q1 2011, upgrade then...
  13. Ok sounds good then. Ill just grab the HAF 922, Gigabyte GTX470 SOC, and CM Hyper 212 Plus and call it a day. Thanks for all your help :D
  14. Good Luck...
  15. What were the "..." for? Is something not adding up?
  16. Lolz I am used to typing those. Will try and control :P
  17. Oh haha alrighty :D
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