New build - questions/problems (HAF X 942, Crosshair IV, Mem, etc.)

Hey all,

Just got done with my new build and have several issues/questions:

- Cooler Master HAF X 942 - When putting in the "optional" fan across the top, no matter what I do, I can't stop it from hitting the front panel cables. Is there a known trick to remedy this?
- Cooler Master HAF X 942 - These blue USB 3.0 cables ... what am I supposed to do with them? They have a standard USB end ... do they have to plugged into the back of the PC?
- Cooler Master HAF X 942 - What is this section that has a modular power connection with 2 SATA connections? Unless I screwed something up, I couldn't get my HDD's to be recognized off of this.
- ASUS Crosshair IV - When using the ASUSUpdate, I get a message "sorry there're no proper bios image files on the server!" I get this message on the first two servers ( and and the third ( sits on connecting and then gets a network error.
- G.SKILL Phoenix Pro SSD - Per this thread, it states to get best performance to switch to AHCI and install the new drivers. Well, when changing to AHCI, my computer starts up to a BSOD and immediately restarts. I've moved my optical and old sata drive down to ports 5&6 and changed those to IDE and left 1-4 on AHCI to no avail. Not sure If I "really" need to do this, but it's the lowest performer in my Win7 rating (@ 7.1).

Any good links/recommendations for a first time OC'er? I have an AMD 1090t, Radeon 5800, and G.SKILL Ripjaw (7-8-7) ram that I'd like to begin over clocking. Any starting advice for a newbie?

Thanks in advance
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  1. In regards to the BSOD with AHCI ... I found this thread and made the change, and appears to be working.
  2. 1) What size fan did you install at the top? It sounds like it is too big, as it shouldn't hit the cables.

    2) You can either install on the back or purchase a PCI adapter to install on your motherboard.

    3) This is your hot swap drives. A) you need to have SATA cables connected to it and B) the motherboard and to utilize hot swap it needs to be in AHCI.

    4) Did you install the OS first under IDE and than try to switch? If so, this is your issue. You need to switch back to IDE and follow the steps described here...

    You want your SSD in AHCI for TRIM support. Your WEI is acceptable as is but don't put much weight behind it though... Not a true benchmark of your system.
  3. On the BIOS, I highly recommend not using a Windows based program to update BIOS. I would download the latest BIOS from their website directly and flash using a bootable device (CD/DVD or USB). It is the safer and better method of flashing BIOS.
  4. Wow, thanks for the fast response tecmo!

    1) 200mm, same size as the other

    2) Hmm, by PCI adapter, won't that just give me two additional USB slots on the back? My mobo came with one of those, and I have it installed. So I have to run those cables outside of my case and plug them into the back? There's really no way to do this, no opening within the case to hit the outside. Doesn't seem right.

    3) Interesting. I thought I had it right, but guess not. Not sure I even need this at the moment.

    4) Yep, I did find that and fixed it. Sadly though, I still have a 7.1 rating, doesn't appear to have changed that anyways. I'm trying to find a way to test my SSD as I'm supposed to get 285w/275r and I'd be curious to as If I'm really getting that.

    Any additional insight to as good practice for things I should be doing at this time? I'm doing my best to try and update all possible drivers/firmware. I struggle with what to do on the mobo, so I was hoping that ASUSUpdate would take care of me, but doesn't appear to be working quite right ...

    On the OC front, I think I just have to do some reading. I bought pretty good hardware that seems very capable of being OC'd, just need to better understand how it all works.

    Again, thanks!
  5. tecmo34 said:
    On the BIOS, I highly recommend not using a Windows based program to update BIOS. I would download the latest BIOS from their website directly and flash using a bootable device (CD/DVD or USB). It is the safer and better method of flashing BIOS.

    Interesting ... can't say I've had much experience doing so, but rather confident I can figure it out. My biggest concern with this is though, what to get? When I check ASUS's site for this mobo, there are a ton of things to download ... I was really looking for the easy way out "update all my stuff".
  6. Fan and USB 3.0, I would check page 15 & 10 in the manual ( ) as it provides more details... Like converting the USB 3.0 to 2.0 to install om motherboard. As for the PCI adapter, you purchase on with an internal connector for your needs.
  7. As you can see, the manual was pretty awful ... There is nothing more than simply saying that an optional fan can be installed. Once you snap the top back into place, it always rubs up against the front panel cables ... sucks.

    Being that the front already has 2 USB 2.0 ports, I'd rather utilized the 3.0 as 3.0. Can you point me in the right direction for what I need? When I search for USB PCI Adapater, I am finding just that fit into a PCI slot, which doesn't help me. I want to find out if they can be plugged into the mobo somehow and not outside the case.

    Thanks again
  8. As for the adapter, you are looking for something like this... SIIG 2-port PCIe host adapter with 1 external & 1 internal SuperSpeed USB 3.0 ports Model JU-P20512-S1, which has the internal connector.
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