How to recover data from toshiba external hard drive which has been turned to sh

i am trying to access my files from my toshiba portable external hard drive but all i see is that my files were turned to shortcuts....
can anyone please help me and instruct me on how to recover my files... when i'm looking on the properties of my external hard drive., it still contains the same amount of my files when it is not yet turned into shortcut i mean the disk space....
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  1. If you have at least one exact filename, simply search for it on the drive. Maybe it's hidden in a folder structure.
  2. thank you for the information.... but how do i do that?
  3. thank you so much..... i already retrieved my files on my eternal memory..... thank you very much for your help :)
  4. Most of the time, this is caused by virus infection. So you may try to kill the virus with anti-virus program. You can use Microsoft Security Essential or AVG Free, download from

    If problem still exist, you may follow this guide which is about how to fix files and folders which turns into shortcut

    It is also possible that files are hidden, so you may try to show hidden files

    Of course, if you have backup files. the best way is to just get files from backup.
  5. Dont worry, hard drive recovery is not as difficult as you thought. You can do it by yourself without paying data recovery lab expensive fees. Read on for how to recover lost pictures.

    First of all, stop using your Toshiba hard drive.

    When the photos are deleted, or memory card is formatted, the photos actually data are still stored on the memory card, just that they are not inaccessible, because system has lost the entry point, and the space is marked free to use.

    So when you use memory card, it is likely that data will be saved to the space where lost photos located. This will make the photos not recoverable. That's why it is very important not to use the memory card after photos are lost. Even if the memory card is used, stop using it now.

    How to recover data from toshiba hard drive
    recover deleted files from external hard drive
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