How can I cool my pc without circulating air in my vacinity?

I need some help from the community on this, as I can only come up with 1-2 options on my own, and am hoping that the community can provide more elegant solutions.

My issue is that for whatever reason, I am .. lets call it "allergic" to certain types of resins, plastics, compounds, and inks. Many of the computer components/fans/cases these days are built using one or more of these types of materials. Now, this is bad enough on its own, however, once massive airflow is added into the mix, it makes the issue worse. The air gets blown through the case, and then out into the air that I breathe, causing my sinuses to fill with fluids, and causing massive amounts of pain.

I would love to keep using my current system which I will list below:

This is it:

Asus P6T Deluxe V2
Intel I7-920
Corsair 6 GB triple channel kit
(2x) EVGA GTX 295 CO-OP Edition in Quad SLI
Corsair HX 1000W Modular power supply
Xigmatek Thor's Hammer Direct Heat Pipe heat sink with 120 MM fan attached
NZXT Panzerbox (Case)
LG Optical Drive (make not important)
(3x) 1 TB Western Digital drives in raid 5
Running Windows 7 Ultimate 64 edition as O/S

As it is now, the system listed above runs rather flawlessly, but I have to limit it's usage due to my unique issue. I'm forced to use a much, much older system with which I have no "allergy" to. This sucks big time, because it is so old, it can barely browse the web, and it cannot view the large images I need to manipulate for my business, nor can it run my virtualization softwares. Not to mention my games.. one of which being Dragon age.

So, I am looking into a way to limit, or totally remove airflow from my new system through any means necessary so that I can use it once again. I'm looking into water cooling, (but can it be done without any fans?) Oil cooling, (but how do I cool the oil faster than it takes heat?) and even through building a "box" for the system where it is connected outside through a hole in the wall, or even a window. (Though I would really prefer not to use this method)

If anyone can assist with giving me options or setups that you think would work to curtail airflow, while also sufficiently cooling a system with 2x GTX 295's and a I7-920 overclocked to essentially 3.6 Ghz. The environment my system currently resides in sits at a steady temperature of 71 degrees F. I would prefer cheaper solutions, but if I can solve the problem by throwing substantial money at it, I am willing to do so. Lastly, I don't know what I am going to do about the power supply.. it has to cool itself somehow, but I don't want it blowing air from the system. Perhaps I'm even allergic to it's own plastic fan as well... which is likely.

I'm even willing to entertain suggestions bordering on wacky, as I might have no other choice.

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  1. That new parts smell will fade away and eventually disappear.

    In the meantime water cooling won't work since that small will always find its way out of the case, you need something to funnel the air from the back and top of your case out the window or something (the front is intake, the exhaust fans should be on the back and top). I've heard of a guy who keeps his PC on the balcony (for cooling reasons) and the monitor, etc inside.
  2. Wireless mouse and keyboard, long monitor cable. Maybe combined with an air filter unit between you and the CPU.

    An exhaust hood like you get over a stoves, or a more expensive one like from a chemistry/medical workbench. Looks like they range from under $200 to thousands of dollars.
  3. Couldn't you just use fan shrouds with vents?

    make sure the air IS being circulated well, just away from you. say, out a window?

    something like this:
  4. Ouch that really does suck big time, and those 2 x 295s leave you with very little option in the way of cooling. A quick google search and i found this site. I think its bout the only solution to your problem that will minimize the exposure to the allergens. I hope you find it useful.
  5. welshmousepk said:
    Put the PC in the fireplace and use the fireplace vents? Interesting. Better remember to remove it when winter rolls aound :lol:
  6. i was just thinking about using those same vents to have the air circulating out a window.

    you can be sat right next to it, but if all the circulation is happening outside, you don't need to worry.
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