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I just got an intel 330 ssd 120gb for Christmas to put into the system that I built a while ago, which has a 500 gb hd. I installed it fine, but when I was using the data migrator, it would not work because I have more on my hard drive than my ssd has room for. All I really want to copy is windows and some applications. Can anyone help?
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  1. is there any information that would be helpful?
  2. What is "the data migrator"? Is it a function of Acronis? I've used Acronis for many years now, and it mostly works pretty well. Were you trying to clone your HDD to the SSD? I just replaced my 750 GB HDD in my Dell Inspiron 15z laptop with a Samsung 830 240 GB SSD, and after replacing the disks, I booted up in Acronis and just restored the backup image of the HDD I had made a few days ago. It worked pefectly! After the restore from the HDD image to the SSD, I rebooted and shazaam! I have the same OS on my SSD!

    Hope this helps, but if not please provide more info on exactly what happened and what you're trying to do.
  3. It is called Intel migration software, and is powered by acronis. I am trying to move my OS from my hard drive with about 200 gb of data, to an ssd with 120 gb of storage. When I tried to move the data, I got a message saying that it could not do it because there is more information on my hard drive than space on my ssd.
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