Bad sector on hard disk

My Hard Disk is not starting. I have got it to check but it found that the disk is unable to start. What to do to get all the data back ?
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  1. restore from backup.
  2. If by "won't start" you mean the drive does not even spin up you'll have to go to a professional and expensive data recovery service.

    If it's just that windows won't start and the repair option fails, you can plug it into another computer and pull the data off.
  3. If your drive does not spin up, or make any sound as if it is trying to spin up, then the board is most probably faulty, in which case the most it should cost you for a replacement board (and firmware transfer, if necessary) would be about US$50.

    See ...

    The following PCB suppliers offer a firmware transfer service, either for free, or for US$10:

    Sometimes there is an easy, no-cost DIY fix, but we would need to see a photo of the board.
  4. 1. Damaged PCB has the obvious burnt marks.
    2. The HDD can't spin. You can't hear any noise or just hear a tick sound, which means the PCB is probably faulty.

    Check your pcb board:
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