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It has been many years since I have built a new system but my interest to build a gaming system has been building. I have been asking a lot of questions and doing a lot of research. I am not in a hurry however. I have waited this long and with a cheap graphics card upgrade my current system will get me by with a few games, mainly the new starcraft, and some other not so extremely graphic extensive games.

My question is with the news of the new AMD fusion processors, i'm talking mainly about the code named "bulldozer" processors, should I wait to build this system? If it is going to be as much of a leap forward as they say it is then I think it might be worth waiting for, especially since I cannot seem to find any straight answers as to which socket they will support. It sounds like they might be built for a completely different socket, but of course I don't know this for sure as some say the first generation will be AM3 or AM3+. This is why I am bringing the question to you guys.

Would you wait 6-months, 9-months, or a year to see how things play out or not? Do you think that the improvements that this new architecture is supposed to bring is mostly hype or do you think it will really be game changing? I would just like to know what you guys think. One side of me says that a guy could always be waiting for the next best thing and in the mean time not enjoying what you could be. Thanks in advance for any input.
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  1. ^ Not to forget the Sandy Bridge from Intel...
    Also the Bulldozer would need a different socket than the current AM3
    I like both Intel and AMD and would go with the one that would give me more for the money...
    And both are expected to be out by early Q1 2011, so if one can wait, then certainly it would be the best option...
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