Dual screen with "remote" second screen and control on first monitor


Ok, I was not very inspired with the title of this thread! :sarcastic:

So here is my issue:

I have two (22" and 15") monitors connected on the computer (PC with Windows XP and ATI graphic card).

For now I have an extended desktop that is working fine.

I'd like to put the 15" monitor out of my sight but the thing is, as soon as I drag a window on that monitor I don't know where it is and what I'm doing since I'm not able to see it anymore, of course.

So I'm looking for a software that might do the trick: for example that could give me a copy of the 15" monitor on the 22" so I know what's happening on the second monitor.

Anyone knows if something like that exists?
I've checked on some dual/multi screen software (UltraMon or so) but from what I could read about they don't have such a feature. Neither does ATI's Hydravision, if I'm correct (I didn't try it out).

Ok, maybe I just connected a webcam in front of the second monitor! :D

Thanks for your help!
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  1. Huh?
  2. Hy, I got the same problem, did find a solution since last year ?

  3. I'm a bit confused as to why anyone would do that. Why not just minimize whatever window you have open on the main screen, will do the exact same thing. You can also just create virtual desktops.
  4. @YannBoy: unfortunately, I didn't find any solution for now.
    I kind of put this on hold but I think I'll have to write myself a little app to do the trick since I couldn't find anything existing.

    @hang-the-9: well, I as tried to explain in my first post, I don't see the second screen so when I'm moving a window from one screen to the other, I don't know where it is on the second screen.
    Thanks for the virtual desktop hint, I'll have to try it, maybe I can work something out with that...

    Thanks for your answers.
  5. Since you can't see the second screen, why even have it there? I'm a bit confused with that. If you are just using it as a spot to hold extra windows, just minimize them, it will be the exact same thing as moving them over to another screen you can't see. Virtual desktops will take care of what you want to do also.
  6. Well this screen could be used to display information for other persons for example.

    You could be sitting in one room with your main screen and in a second room is the extra monitor.
    You can not see it since you're in the first room but you want to move a window on that screen and you don't know where it ends up.

    I hope it's more clear...
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    This makes a bit more sense now, take a look at this post

    Try mirrormon add-in to UltraMon
  8. Well that looks promising!
    Thanks for the link.
    I'll have a look into the add-in of UltraMon... probably not before this week-end but I'll let you know how it works out.
    I have a good feeling about this... ;-))
  9. So I tried it and UltraMon is working exactly how I imagined it!!
    Again thanks for the link!
    It took quite long time to find something but it was worth to wait! ;-)
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