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Strange behaviour when turning on, and when off

Last response: in Motherboards
August 5, 2011 3:23:25 PM

Hello, my PC is showing some strange behaviour. This is happening already since several months, at least five (but could be many more, I don't remember).

The PC is connected to a "plug-collector-device" (sorry, I don't know the right terms), where many PC-related things (external hard drives, router, etc.) are connected... the device has a switch for turning on all things simultaneously.
Before, when turning on the PC, I switched on that plug-collector-device, and the PC kept turned off, until I also pressed the power button on the PC case.
Now (since several months as I said), when turning on the plug-collector-device, the PC turns on at once, and I can hear the inner components powering up... I can hear surely the CPU fan, and I think also the hard drives turn on. The PC turn thus on, but it doesn't start the boot-up process... to start booting, I have to press the PC power button.

A similar strange behaviour happens when shutting down and turning off the PC; when selecting to shut-down (in Windows XP SP3), the PC seems to turn off (the monitor turns black), but some inner components stay turned on! Surely the CPU fan keeps turned on, I'm not sure about the hard drives, or other components.

Fortunately, despite this strange behaviours, the PC seems to work fine.

What do you think the problem could be?

Anyway, if all works fine, and there is no major problem that would cause the damage of my data on the hard disks (after all, this is what matters to me mostly, currently -- and I do many backups), I would keep this PC... if the problem is that I have to just press one button more, I don't care.
In all this months of experience, it seems that data gets read and written well from the hard disks. And I didn't get errors for bad sectors, while performing CHKDSKs.
It seems that the situation is stable, and no major problems arised... Maybe I can keep on using this computer without big problems. I hope. What do you think?