What should I do?

Ok, I know this probably isnt the place I should post this question, but the fact is, any question I ask in here, gets answered quickly and with good info.

Im hoping someone will read this who knows the Antec 600 case, and has a 23 inch monitor.

Im tired of looking through thousands of desks for what I need. Does anyone know a nice, cheap (under $100), small (Fit in a 1 bedroom apartment) desk, that will house my Antec 600 Tower, and my 23 inch monitor. I also have 2 speakers and a sub (I dont see that being a big deal).

I just hate trying to make sure all the measurements match on each one I look at. Im bad at that kind of thing, but I dont want to buy something and my huge ass tower not fit.

So, Im taking a shot in the dark, hoping that the right person reads this, and knows what I should get, because Im tired of looking.

(I prefer Black, if there is a color option :sarcastic: )

Thanks in advance. Oh, just an idea, I believe the antec is just shy of 23 inches tall, but it has a huge fan on top, so i would think it needs at least a few more inches of clearance. Dont know how deep it is, but its pretty effin big IMO.

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  1. I bought a "Wind Surfer" computer cart from ergo-trading last year. It comfortably holds my CM-690, 27" monitor, 3.1 speakers, G-15 keyboard, mouse, headphones, joystick, game pad, wireless router, and reference notebooks. It is on wheels, so I can easily move it from room to room. It only came in gray last year, but that goes well with my black\silver\gray components. You can mount the tower support on either the left-hand or right-hand side. It took about an hour to assemble, and came with all the required parts. Excellent customer service from Eddie.
  2. I also bought a roll of the cheap black rubber matting from Walmart (housewares) to prevent the monitor, keyboard, and speakers from sliding around on the shelves.
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